Fashion, yet forward: Style meets the sweatpants

When asked about the style of Seton Hill University (SHU), students said, “lazy,”“frumpy” and “practical.” We all know being a SHU student is not easy. “Some people try, some just don’t care,” said junior AJ Miller.

Waking up in the morning, running to class, doing homework and participating in extracurricular activities is a struggle we all face. The bipolar weather does not help the cause either. As college students soon transitioning into the working world, we need to start placing energy into our appearance.

“I have no motivation to get dressed up if no one else is going to be dressed up,” said junior, Alvine Rackliff.

“Everyone has a sense of style. You can have a sense of style and not a sense of fashion,” said senior Corey Rogers. Style is all about expressing who you are. If that means a beanie and some sneakers or a peplum top and heels, so be it.

Not everyone, especially college students, have the money to spend on what’s currently trending. “I can’t afford fashion. I can afford sweats,” said junior Shadeia Sheridan.

The weather on The Hill contributes to the challenge of getting dressed everyday. Based on observation students tend to dress better when it is warmer outside. When it is colder outside students grab their staple piece: sweatpants.

Yes, sweatpants are affordable and comfortable, but what impression do they give to other people? Sweatpants are obviously not appropriate for the office. After graduation day and you start your new job you do not want to have another habit to break.

“Once you dress up everyone is like, ‘Are you having a presentation today?’ People are so used to seeing down dressing and only being dressed for special occasions. Sometimes I just get dressed up just because I wanted to,” said junior Alasa Weekes. Students should take this time  to establish their personal style and prepare for their future careers.

The benefits of putting effort into how you look everyday is more personal than anything else. If you are having a bad day all you’ll have to do is look down and say, “At least I look good.” When you are running to the office instead of the classroom, the process of getting dressed will be less challenging.

Personal style is the key to standing out. It is better to have a sense of your identity sooner than later. Style is not the same as fashion. Forget the trends. You do not have to spend a lot of money; just dig through what you have and make it work. Do not be afraid to stand out amongst the sweatpants.

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