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Feel free to share your condolences and memories of President Emerita JoAnne Boyle in the comments of this page. Below are some condolences, memories and stories from the Seton Hill community, including students, faculty and alumni.


    • “I will really miss working in the office next to her and seeing her smiling, energetic face everyday brightening our incredible campus. She was such an incredible woman, and it is because of her that Seton Hill University is what it is today.” -Alexi Swank, Class of 2013 president and SHU graduate


    • “She was a strong and well-educated woman who knew how to lead and led well. She will be missed.” -Rebekah Jaquay, sophomore biochemistry major


    • “Dr. Boyle was such an inspiration to me as well as, of all of Seton Hill. I just hope that one day; I will be able to touch as many lives as she did. She was an amazing person and I feel very fortunate to have known Dr. Boyle on a more personal level. No matter what she was doing, she always had time to stop and talk with me.”– Jarred Kallmann, senior Communication major


    • “The outpouring of love and support has been amazing. There were so many students in the receiving line last night, and I was so proud. JoAnne would have been so proud. That’s what family does,” said Carol Zola, administrative assistant of the President’s office who worked with Dr. Boyle.


    • “I am a work study in the President’s office and saw and spoke with Dr. Boyle often. She was always very kind and friendly and wanted you to feel welcome. I’ve missed her this semester and will miss her even more now, but I’ll always remember who she was and how much she loved Seton Hill.”- Maggie Ozzello, senior graphic design major


    • “Jojo, you will be sorely missed. She was just the sweetest woman in the world, and if not for her, the SHUPAC (among other leaps and bounds at SHU) wouldn’t exist – and my life would be dreadfully different than it is today. I’m so sad we can’t be on campus at this time, but I hear the funeral is available to stream online, so I think Elisa Kostelnik, Jimmy Amor, Farrah Felten and I will be as close as possible.” -Regina Tvaruzek, 2013 graduate


    • “Dr. Boyle was the first administrator I had met from Seton Hill University. She had been so kind and so welcoming and the university had emulated her spirit. She was a blessing to the entire community and my prayers and condolences are with her family. Rest in Peace, Dr. JoAnne Woodyard-Boyle.” -Stephen Harvey, senior music education major


    • “Dr. Boyle was a fantastic and humble woman who treated everyone with dignity and respect both within and outside of the Seton Hill community. She frequently visited the club I waitress at and it was always a pleasure serving her. I know for certain that my coworkers and I will miss her greatly.” -Carolyn Bringe, senior self design: hospitality business administration


    • “One of my mom’s friends went to SHU and Dr. Boyle was her advisor. She always talked very highly of her. I met her after Honors Convocation. From what I understand, she was a great woman.” –Ed Rosenbusch, junior education major focusing on English literature.


    • “JoAnne Boyle was a very dedicated woman. From the few times I spoke with her, she really seemed to enjoy being here at SHU. As someone who practically lives at the Performing Arts Center, I’m forever grateful that she had a part in it’s construction. Although many freshman won’t know her, her memory lives on in the minds of the students and faculty who knew her and the new building dedicated to her.” -Tabby Gordon, sophomore creative writing major with double minor in theater performance and journalism, Setonian staff


    • “I wish her family well and know that Seton Hill will always remember her and what a remarkable lady she was.” -Amber Palfy, sophomore art history major.


    • “She was a person that truly cared about the success of the school and the students here. She wanted to make SHU the best it could be. Her honor will live on…” -Caitlyn Yohn, sophomore English literature major.


    • “I remember listening to her speak at honors convocation when I was a freshman speaking about how we should fall in love with something, whether it’s a speech, song, or piece of literature, and that really resonated with me because I think we spend so much time talking about what we hate or don’t like. It was a reminder to appreciate and love knowledge.” -Marisa Balatico, sophomore elementary education major.


    • “I worked for Carol Zola primarily–who worked as Dr. Boyle’s administrative assistant. I crossed paths with Dr. Boyle often. I remember how gracefully she handled every single aspect of her role as president. She just had a sweet heart. After I got a few inches cut off my hair, she noticed. And made sure to give me a compliment. I was speechless that a woman who governed over two thousand students noticed something as simple as a haircut. Although it may seem silly, I think it goes to show you how kind she really was.” -Emily Hayes, 2013 Graduate


    • “Though I didn’t know her personally, Dr. Boyle always seemed to go the extra mile for her school-students, faculty and staff alike. I remember when she took time out of her day to come and be interviewed in my news writing class. It was an incredible experience to learn more about her, as well as her ideas and plan for the school. Dr. Boyle will be greatly missed, but I have no doubt that the Seton Hill community will honor her and carry on the great legacy she left behind.”- Sarah Last, 2013 graduate


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  1. I am really very saddened and shocked to hear about the death of JoAnne Boyle. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with JoAnne Boyle on my very first day here in the USA. I remember you JoAnne and your husband Arthur taking me in your car from Pittsburgh airport to school. My situation in the USA could have gone a thousand different ways but praise God for JoAnne Boyle who provided me a fighting chance. JoAnne personally took the time and interest in my welfare at Seton Hill. I am very humbled that a persopn of her stature and the responsibilities JoAnne obviously had on her plate took time for me. May I serve others likewise. Whenever i interacted with JoAnne she came across as highly intelligent and yet humble and kind. Regradless of her high stature and accomplishments JoAnne was also down to earth and approachable. Much has been learned from you JoAnne. Thank God for JoAnne’s life. JoAnne I pray that God has welcomed you home as his good and faithful servant. My condolences to Arthur Boyle and the entire Boyle family. May God strenthen you at this time. AMEN.

  2. My family is saddened to hear about the passing of Dr. JoAnne Boyle. My son, Daniel, attended Seton Hill University (class of 2011). I remember on our many visits to the university, Dr. Boyle’s warm and welcoming smile and concern for each and every student. When my son took a tour of the college during his senior year of high school, Dr. Boyle took the time out of her busy day that early December morning to meet my son and husband with a warm smile and answer any questions they had about the university. It was at that moment that my son decided to attend Seton Hill, she made him feel part of a family. She was a very special person. The students, families and faculty will truly miss her kindness and love for each and every student. Our deepest condolences to Dr. Boyles’ family.

  3. I was a (male) student during the 90’s, when men were still in the minority on the hill. It was still a “women’s college” with men only majoring in the Fine Arts. It was a time when many of the new residence halls didn’t exist and the Admin and Maura Hall still housed students. One fond memory I have of Dr Boyle was after I graduated, when I was the director of Campus Ministry Music, it was one of the Alumnae/Alumni weekend’s. It happened to be her 50th class reunion, if I remember correctly. And all 50th class reunions get a special reception with College President at her house in Ligonier, PA. As I had college van driving privileges, and as her class was living on the same floor of Canevin/Lowe Hall as my on campus living suite, I had the lucky chance to drive her class to the Presidents home. What conspired next was a great spirit filled evening of memories and song … as Dr. Boyle had commissioned me to her piano to try to play the songs that she was trying to sing along with her classmates. She will be missed … Hazard, Yet Forward!! (Class of 1996 – Sacred Music)

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