Fall break, getting over homesickness and everything in between

Time is going fast here in Dublin; more than half of the program is over. Just typing that made it so real that time is actually flying.

 Just like Seton Hill, the program I am going through has a fall break right after midterms. The majority of my group had the opportunity to travel Europe; however, I spent my break with my family in Ireland. As much as some directors disagree the students seeing family while abroad, it was exactly what I needed.

 Let’s be honest here. The chance to study abroad is one that I will never forget and I could not be more appreciative of the opportunity.  However, coming to a completely new country without anyone you know can be overwhelming, and homesickness- one thing I never thought I would have happened- has happened.

 That aside, my week of fall break was filled with seeing every coast of Ireland, driving on the opposite side of the road for the first time and staying in a castle for three nights.

 With my family here for just a short week I was reassured that studying abroad was the right decision. There is an understanding that anyone can become homesick while being abroad, but focus on the time you have there. You only have a few weeks to explore after all!

 If I could give anyone else advice on studying abroad it would be simple: everyone gets homesick, but make sure you value every moment.  There is a huge possibility everyone at home will be there when you get back and are probably your number one supporters. Take time to enjoy where you are at because before you know it, it will be time to fly home.


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