Dual sport athlete juggles responsibilities: Mallory Sanner

Christian Strong: So it is to my knowledge that you are a dual sport student athlete here at Seton Hill University (SHU) from Uniontown, PA. It is to my knowledge

that you are a redshirt junior starter on the court (guard/forward) and a thrower in track.

CS: Being a part of two sports here at SHU, how are you able to balance out your time with academics and athletics? Is it difficult or has it become a routine now?

Mallory Sanner: To me, it is very easy to balance both of these sports.  My basketball schedule starts in September with 

Mallory Basketball

preseason and does not finish until the end of February.  That is a long season, but with the coaches being understanding and very helpful makes it easy.  Practices are never scheduled during class time and if we need to miss class for a game teachers are very lenient.  Basketball and track never run into each other.  I am able to workout with basketball during that season and then when it is track season I work with them.  It has definitely become a routine after the three years I have been doing it.  I honestly don’t know what my life at SHU would be like without doing either sport.  They keep me busy and in shape and that’s what I like.

CS: Which sport do you prefer better, basketball or track? Why?

MS: This is a hard question to answer.  I love basketball so much and that is the sport I have been playing since I was 5.  I love being on the SHU team with these girls.  I have made such great friends and love being around those girls.  If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know if I would have done basketball for as long as I did.  I also love track because it is an individual sport.  I compete on my own and don’t have to worry about being in sync with 4 other girls.  It’s a fun change going from basketball to track.

CS: Have you been here at SHU ever since a freshman or are you a transfer student? MS: I have been here for 4 years.

CS: What are you currently studying here at SHU?

MS: Elementary education major. Pre k- 4th with special education

CS: What plans do you have for the future after you graduate?  Do you plan on pursuing a sport or following your field of study?

MS: I will be graduating in May with a bachelor’s degree in education, but will not be certified to teach yet.  I plan to take the fall off and return in Spring 2015 to student teach.  The reason this is happening is because it is impossible to student teach and play basketball because the long schools days would run into practices.  So I am done playing basketball, however Spring 2015 I will participate in that season of track. (since I was a redshirt my freshman year)  I plan to live at home and student teach, but also continue throwing the javelin for SHU.

CS: In your eyes, what does it mean to be a Griffin?

MS: Ohhh, I love being a Griffin! I can remember coming my freshman year and being so excited to be a part of such a fun and beautiful community.  I knew some people who were comi

Mallory Track

ng to SHU or who had already been a student and they told me such great things.  Now when I look back to my freshman and sophomore years I can remember a few of the upperclassman and how much they have helped me.  I have such great friends because I became a Griffin.  And I know once a Griff always a Griff!

CS: Lastly, how do you feel about entering your senior year next semester?

MS: Well, I am a senior in the classroom so I will be done with school and also basketball because of student teaching.  I love basketball, but it is time to hang up my shoes so I can further my career in education.  I am sad that basketball is over, but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.  I love the people I had met and everything about it.  I am excited to know I have two more seasons of track left because I am looking forward to repeating my National Title.

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