Theater students give Pirandello’s ‘Six Characters’ an Author

After the success of “Urinetown,” Seton Hill University’s (SHU) theater students will return with the play “Six Characters in Search of an Author.”

“Six Characters” a play written by Luigi Pirandello, recounts the story of six characters who were abandoned by their author. Desperate to have their story told, they set out in search of an author to adopt them. A rehearsal for another Pirandello play, “Rules of the Game,” is taking place. The six characters interrupt the rehearsal and demand that the director and cast tell their story instead.

Embarrassed, Father explains to the Manager his part of the story. The Manager becomes interested and tries to stage their story.

Audience members will get a different view of stage life in this show.

“Audiences will actually enter through backstage,” said Josh Reardon, a freshman theatre major and the Stage Manager in the show. “If characters need something offstage, the audience will be able to see them grab the item and then return to the stage.”

This play within a play will leave more questions unanswered than answered. By doing so it forces audiences to examine their own character in a reality that changes by the minute.

The show will open on April 11 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $5 for SHU students, $10 for SHU faculty and staff, $11 for non-SHU students and $16 for general admission.

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