Griffin’s Cove to ‘Proudly serve Starbucks’ Coffee’

Aramark employees at Griffin’s Cove are about to try their hand at being baristas. Beginning in August the Cove will become a “Proud to Serve Starbuck’s” location.

The Cove is serving as a testing area to hopefully expand Starbucks throughout the Seton Hill Campus.

Three types of coffee roasts and a number of lattes and cappuccinos will be available through flex, credit or cash purchases. Meal dollars cannot be used to purchase Starbucks drinks. Starbucks gift cards will not be accepted because the location does not offer full Starbucks services.

The hot tea and coffee beverages that were previously served in the Cove will no longer be available.

“I definitely see an increase coming our way in our coffee program,” said Retail Location Manager, Rebecca Rosensteel. “I think the Cove will be more of a hangout and study area; more so than it has been in the past.”

Other coffee options in the area are Dv8 Espresso Bar on Pennsylvania Ave and White Rabbit Cafe on Main Street.

“As for affecting other coffee shops, I do not think they will see a huge decrease in sales because the majority of our customers will already be on campus and may have gotten our coffee in the past because of convenience,” said Rosensteel.

“I do, however, think we’ll be seeing new faces because of the program. It will be interesting to see all the effects that this program will bring to us and the campus.”

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