Labor of Love: Seton Hill continues to serve the community

The 20th annual Labor of Love took place earlier this month on Sept. 6. A tradition organized by Campus Ministry, the Labor of Love seeks out various service projects around Seton Hill University (SHU) and the Greensburg community.

Students met in the McKenna lobby and were bussed to various locations to begin their services.

Several members of the SHU faculty use the Labor of Love as one of the numerous service projects they complete each year.

David von Schlichten, assistant professor of religious studies, has been involved with Labor of Love for a number of years. This year, he picked corn to be delivered to Clelian Heights, a school for exceptional children.

“As academics, we spent a great of time thinking, reading, talking and writing about abstract concepts. Those disciplines are priceless, but doing physical work as a service to others is a welcome change,” said von Schlichten. “More important, such work is essential to being part of a school rooted in Mother Seton, the Sisters of Charity, and Catholic Social Teaching. And such work is essential to being a loving human being.”

Jennifer Jones, assistant professor of communications, is new to the SHU community but no stranger to service work. This year she volunteered her time at the YMCA painting walls in a workout room in the facility.

Jones said she was drawn to be a member of the SHU community because of the focus on the opportunities to serve.

“My motivation [for serving] is justice. I don’t serve because that is what a good person does, it is because justice demands it,” said Jones. “I am giving them what is owed to them.”

In addition to projects at SHU, Jones has also donated time to Habitat for Humanity where she built storm windows for homes, participated in food pantry distribution and animal events like Bark for Life and Action for Animals.

Both Jones and von Schlichten hope to participate in other projects in the future.

“I’d like someday to be involved in service projects that help to reduce violence against women,” said von Schlichten. “I don’t know what such a service project would be, but I would love to work to find out and then help to implement that project.”

“Since I am a certified Emergency Medical Technician, I would like to take the national test for Disaster Relief,” said Jones.

Campus ministry also sponsors another service day in the spring semester. Take the Day On will take place in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

“We are called to take care of each other. It’s that simple. Service projects are a vital way to do that,” said von Schlichten.

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