SHU Becomes United through Fashion

Seton Hill University (SHU) was united in their fashion last week for homecoming.

“The spirit week is how we kick off homecoming. We had the idea last year that we would celebrate among faculty staff and students by having a theme for every day leading up [to homecoming weekend]. We decide the idea for the costumes,” said Cory Campbell, a Director of Student Engagement.

For spirit week, students and faculties enjoyed walking around campus with fashion themes such as Western, 80’s or construction work fashion.

“From what I wore, I took my fashion cues from more of the male side because I wore denim jeans and T-shirt that had 1980’s corolla as well as a converse sneaker. I felt pretty good about my 80’s outfit because that was the type of clothes that I didn’t get to wear in the 80’s since I’m a woman,” said Intercultural Services Coordinator Karissa Kilgore, who likes 80’s fashion’s bright colors and fun patterns.

“It was fun because I’ve never worn flannel shirts and the western clothing before. And I also enjoyed dressing up for the spirit of Homecoming,” said Dipeeka Bastola, a Head Resident Assistant junior and international organization and accounting major.

This event was also an opportunity to think more about the SHU community.

“I thought a lot of days were really good. I really enjoyed construction work on Tuesday with all the things going on on campus with the new buildings. It seemed great way to tie in the history that goes along with homecoming and with everything growing and changing,” said  Campbell.

“I thought it’s really helpful to bring the campus together, and show school spirit because when I came to school each day, I saw other people dressed up and in different costumes. I thought it was really fun and made for a good atmosphere and made me feel like the community was excited for homecoming,” said Kilgore.

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