ISIS rises to power

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or more popularly known as ISIS, is a terrorist group that has been rising to power and creating quite the name for themselves. They are beginning to be one of the most feared terrorist groups in the world.

Most recently, ISIS has videotaped the beheadings of two United States journalists and two British aid workers. They are continuing to threaten the lives of other hostages from outside countries.

Not only have they killed off hostages, but they have also killed many citizens by taking over the Shaer gas field and al-Omar, a Syrian oil field. Plus, ISIS blew up the holy and biblical site, Jonah’s tomb.

Originally, ISIS started out as a sub-group of al-Qaeda. Officially declared as ISIS in April of 2013, ISIS has risen to power quickly and plans to achieve their goal of making Sunni areas completely Islamic.

So, how has the United States of America responded to these terrorist attacks? They have ordered and went through with airstrikes against the terrorists. ISIS still continues to carry out terrorist acts.

ISIS will not stop at achieving their goal. Even if they do achieve their goal, ISIS will still want more, because they will always want more power. Terrorist groups do not stop until they are completely defeated, and it is time that they are defeated.

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