Layers offer style and warmth for fall

Although the crisp fall weather means bidding adieu to the light and flirty summer fashion, it welcomes in another fun style trend: layers!

Seattle-Fall-FashionLayering clothes can really let your fashionista self shine through. Accessories such as scarves or knitted hats and headwraps can add depth and texture to your outfit while keeping you warm. Have fun trying out different ways to wear breezy scarves—twist and tie it as a neckerchief, wear it in a casual knotted style, tie it in a cute bow or wear it bandanna style!

Pair cute patterned tights with a skirt or dress to show off your playful side. Just be sure not to wear too many patterns when layering! It is best to wear mostly solid colors, with one patterned piece. You don’t want your outfit to cause any headaches!

While it’s too chilly for a thin top but not cold enough for a winter coat, a warm pullover is a comfortable compromise! Shaggy, knotty sweaters are in style this year. These eye-catching pieces are sure to keep you warm and fashionable!

It’s time to break out your favorite boots! While too heavy for warm summer months, knee-high boots are ideal for fall weather. The right pair of boots can tie a whole outfit together!

Earthy colors are always popular in the fall. Mimic the fallen leaves by wearing varying shades of red, yellow and brown. Bright colors, such as tangerine, lime and fuchsia, are also in this fall and sure to make you stand out! Or if you feel like wearing softer colors, pastels were also seen on the runways this season. Soft pink tones, like carnation, peach and nude, were especially popular.

With the colder weather and darkening days, fashion is a great way to keep some brightness in your life! Experiment with different colors, styles and layers. Make a statement while having fun!

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