Tartuffe opens at Performing Arts Center this week

Tartuffe opens to the public November 14 at 8:00 p.m., which is directed by Seton Hill University faculty member Denise Pullen. Tartuffe is a Moliere classic comedy that takes a look at religious hypocrisy.

“The play is quick-paced and comic, with some scenes of tension and conflict, and moments where Moliere’s themes of reason and moderation are beautifully expressed.” Pullen said, “The setting is an estate in Orange County, California, chosen because this is a pocket of great prosperity, excess, artificiality.  So the satire should ring true.”

The story begins as Tartuffe, a wise and mischievous man, takes residence  in Orgon’s home. Madame Pernelle, mother of Orgon, is blinded by Tartuffe’s piety but leaves the house due to the family’s immoral behavior towards him.

Once Madame Pernelle leaves the relatives of Orgon begin the task of trying to persuade Orogon that Tartuffe is a fraud and a liar. Their attempts are in vain and Orgon continues to be fooled, so much that he will marry his daughter to Tartuffe who is only after the family fortune.

The family begins to work together in finding a way to put an end to Orgon and Tartuffe’s plans.

The rest will be no mystery the night of the show. ”We have a great mix or students with varying levels of training and experience.” Pullen said, “We also have a few non-majors in the company.  There is a great spirit of ensemble, and all are working individually and collaboratively and having fun.”

The cast includes, Madame Pernelle played by Elena Falgione, Orgon played by Josh Reardon, Elmire played by Veronica Vento, Damis played by Adam Sarp, Mariane played by Katelynn Reist, Valére played by DeShawn Herzog, Cléante played by Kelsey Riker, Tartuffe played by PJ McMahon, Dorine played by Layne Bailey, Monsieur Loyal played by Tabby Gordon, Exempt played by Ryan Bartos, Flipote played by Lauren Grasser, and Laurent played by Josh Dushack.

“Tartuffe is one of Moliere’s most popular plays, and among the most produced, particularly in college theatre. We’re hoping the familiarity with the play will bring in audiences.   Once they’re here, we promise them a great experience.” Pullen said, “There are all kinds of great surprises for the crowd. I’ll give you a hint that the Kardashian’s were one of our sources of inspiration.”

Tickets are $5.00 for Seton Hill students, $13.00 non Seton Hill students, $11.00 group rate, and $10.00 faculty and staff. Tartuffe will be in Seton Hill University’s Performing Arts Center, in Ryan Theater.

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