Williams lost trust, deserves to be fired

614px-Brian_Williams_2012_ShankboneWhen you are a news reporter like Brian Williams you are expected to bring the news and to not include any false claims. Not only did he state false claims but these claims were about an experience he had during the Iraq war. All NBC did was suspend Williams without pay for six months. To me what happened with Williams should be fired from his job.


When he comes back after his six month suspension who is not to say that Williams will not make false claims again to get views and ratings. Williams story of what happened during the helicopter mission in 2003 has changed over the years.  I do not understand why Williams in the first place would want to lie about such a thing. The war in Iraq is still a touchy subject and there are countless brave men and women who have lost their lives fighting this war.


Williams made up a terrifying story that the family members of these soldiers had to hear and now they are told that it was all false. Williams should not only be fired from NBC but he should not be allowed to be a news anchor anywhere else. When I watch the news, whether it be local or national, I except to receive real information about what is happening in this world and not some made up story that will get views.

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