Setonian undergoes transformation for January 2015 reveal

English majors, particularly in the new media  journalism program, often take an active role in the production of the Setonian, Seton Hill’s student newspaper. This paper has been around on and off campus sites for almost one hundred years, and as a staff we have decided to work on a transformation or revamp of the paper.

Once being assigned to independent studies, three journalism students spent the last four months creating a redesign of the Setonian. While there was nothing majorly out of place with the old Setonian, as a staff we decided it needed an upgrade for its anniversary that will be coming up in the next few years. This change, as a whole, is a very exciting time for our staff and I am happy to announce that our vision will become alive in January 2015.

We are very proud of what this transformation has become, and excited for students, faculty and staff to see it in just a few months. This new Setonian represents the changes that occur within technology and design in just a few years along with our ideas as a staff what a new, sleek newspaper looks these days.

Before this transformation, the Setonian was a print newspaper that also has an online news source.  Being a new media program gave us the idea to revamp this and make the new Setonian an online news source, that also prints.

About four years ago with the help of a past journalism student, Jessie Krehlik, and our advisor Dr. Dennis Jerz the Setonian conducted several changes including the first ever website- that was hand-coded! While this website was impeccably done, now being a few years old, it needed updated.

The updated website will have a 2015 look including thumbnail photos for each article and a new and improved rotating panel. This plugin we chose to incorporate the Setonian’s Facebook posts and even YouTube videos produced by the Setonian. This change was implemented for the website to conceptually have a better design that depicts Seton Hill athletics, academics and news.

The new print version of the Setonian has also had some changes. Here we decided to get rid of the old, curved boxes and lines and incorporated squared-off lines to create that sleek design!

This transformation started with just a few ideas and turned into a complete overhaul. Starting in January the print Setonian will be called the Setonian Review and will cover the information that is already on our online news source.

This change was made because being a New Media program, it is essential to keep up with the technologically savvy campus we are enrolled in as well as the world that surrounds us.

The first issue of the second semester this year will incorporate all the changes we have made thus far. Be sure to be looking around campus for our new logo and clean, sleek design starting in January on stands and as always at

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