Builder: College Ave. Apartments ready by October

The new student housing project located in downtown Greensburg on College Ave. is no longer in Seton Hill University’s hands. According to Seton Hill University President, Mary Finger, and Project Manager of Autumn Sun Construction Company, Jon Hoffman, it is to be completed in October.

Photo courtesy of C.Strong/Setonian
The rooms downstairs are ready for drywall. Photo courtesy of C.Strong/Setonian

The 27 unit 32,000 square feet complex building will help SHU commuting students be closer to campus, while also bringing the Greensburg community together. Apartments are to be leased for students at SHU and to the public. “It will be a mixture of both,” said Hoffman.

“We did research regarding the interest of students purchasing off-campus housing,” said Finger. “Due to the lack of property [off-campus student living in the Greensburg area], we found that we would be able to fill the apartment building. However, Seton Hill does not own the building.”

For three students signed up to live in an apartment for the fall, the delay brought much confusion, frustration and headaches.

Photo courtesy of C.Strong/Setonian
Windows are ready to be securely placed. Photo courtesy of C.Strong/Setonian


“We only had a week to find other housing options and it was finals week so it was bad timing for SHU to let us know,” said Kimberly Hayes, a junior human resources major. “We were also kind of forced to go off campus unless we took their offers.”

“We were panicked because the only options SHU was giving us was living in a hotel for an undefined amount of time or a freshman dorm before the apartment building was complete,” said Hayes.

Hayes’ suitemate, Lucia Aguirre, junior pre-law and political science major, shared Hayes’ frustration.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 2.54.47 PM
Construction equipment sits on the soon-to-be parking lot. Photo courtesy of C.Strong/Setonian

“Although it seemed at the time to be convenient because of the shuttle that could be used for our transportation,” said Nicole Thomas, a senior entrepreneurship major. “It was also a bit unfair that the rooms were the same price as it is to live in DeChantal Hall, without the meal plan included.”

While Greensburg property partners work to finish the apartment building, there are many benefits to on-campus housing.

“By living on campus, students receive a number of benefits including close proximity to classes and campus events; access to high-speed, wireless Internet and healthy dining options,” said Matthew Zielinski, Director of Student Development.

Photo courtesy of C.Strong/Setonian
The framing is now complete on the first floor of the College Ave. apartments. Photo courtesy of C.Strong/Setonian


Additionally, students receive “the guidance of Resident Assistants who can help answer student’s questions and offer programming that allows resident students to meet each other,” said Zielinski.

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