Welcome to the Hill

Whether it’s your first time coming to college or you’re a transfer student, welcome to the Seton Hill University (SHU) Class of 2019! Classes have started and hopefully you are finding your way around without getting lost too much.

Coming to college can be overwhelming for new students and provides a lot of challenges. To help ease some worries you might have, and to make your transition into adult life a little smoother, here are some tips for freshmen students at SHU.

SHU student working in Reeves Library. Photo courtesy of
SHU student working in Reeves Library. Photo courtesy of R.Palmisano/Setonian

Go to Class
This is one of those things that you always hear when people give college kids advice, but there’s a reason this is stressed. Listen, you’re an adult now and no one is going to yell at you if you don’t go to class. There are going to be days when you just don’t want to wake up for that 8 a.m. class and I totally feel that struggle. But, you have got to get up and push through those classes. However, if you are feeling sick, or if you can afford to miss one day because you honestly cannot do it, then stay in bed. Everyone needs a day off sometimes. Just be sure to not make a habit of it.

Ask for Help
Sometimes life gets overwhelming and when this happens, you’re going to need a shoulder to cry on. Whether it’s classes, homesickness, roommate issues or anything that’s making you sad, there’s always someone to talk to. Tutors are always available for class work, RA’s are around to help and there’s mountains of resources that SHU offers students. Also, remember that upperclassmen are good sources of help. We’ve been through the struggles of our first year and we are still relatively alive. Do not feel like you ever have to deal with problems alone, someone here will have your back.

Join Clubs
You will be bombarded with clubs begging you to join during your first year at SHU. Join a whole bunch of them. Sign up for their emails even if you are only vaguely interested. I am not saying you have to stick with them, but do not limit yourself to only one choice.You will be surprised at how many doors are opened and how many friends you can make from joining one group meeting.

Students gather together at the cove to enjoy a meal. Photo courtesy of
Students gather together at the cove to enjoy a meal. Photo courtesy of R.Palmisano/Setonian

Enjoy Yourself
College is a lot of work. There will be days when you look at the amount of work you have and just shake your head in defeat. That is why you have to make the time to go hang out with friends. Go play Werewolf on Saturday night, play Mario Kart, sit in the Cove after midnight laughing about one of your classes. Take it from a senior: the work will be difficult, but it is the small moments of fun that will make you smile when you look back your senior year. It is those moments that make all the late nights worth it.

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