Seton Hill announces closure of E-Magnify


During the transition of packing, the Setonian was able to snap this picture of their office. Photo courtesy of A.Festor/Setonian
During the transition of packing, the Setonian was able to snap this picture outside of their office. Photo courtesy of A.Festor/Setonian

 Seton Hill University (SHU) has announced the decision to no longer host the E-Magnify women’s business center through the United States Small Business Association (SBA). “The closure [of SHU’s E-Magnify center] will be official on September 30, 2015,” said Director of Media Relations, Jennifer Reeger.

     Seton Hill came to the decision of closing down the E-Magnify center as part of “restructuring entrepreneurial support services throughout the university.” This decision resulted from an assessment conducted regarding the university’s “institutional priorities and capacities.”

     “This review was undertaken, in part, based on the growth of support for small businesses – including women-owned small businesses – from local and regional non-profit organizations that has developed in the years since E-Magnify was established,” said Reeger.

     Even though E-Magnify is closing, “Seton Hill University’s long-standing commitment to entrepreneurship, and women’s entrepreneurship in particular, will remain a Seton Hill hallmark,” said Reeger.

     This closure of E-Magnify will not result in any loss of jobs for the current SHU E-magnify staff. “At this time, E-Magnify staff members are preparing for the transition and simultaneously taking on new responsibilities within the University,” said Reeger.

      “Jayne Huston, who served as director of E-Magnify and announced earlier this year her plans to leave that post, will lead the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO), which currently resides under E-Magnify,” said Reeger, “Huston will assume this new position as an independent contractor.”

       As of now, there are no other local E-Magnify centers that students of staff can go to. However, many of the entrepreneurial support services that were provided at E-Magnify will now take place in a different format through Seton Hill’s Wukich Center.

     “The Wukich Center will provide counseling and support on a case by case basis to students and community members while continuing to offer classroom instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels,” said Reeger.

     The Wukich Center for Entrepreneurial Opportunities was created at Seton Hill in 2009 with major support from University Trustee, Daniel J. Wukich. The purpose of the Wukich Center is “to coordinate, support and enhance all entrepreneurial activities on campus,” said Reeger.

     “Programs, services and resources provided by the Center include an entrepreneur-in-residence program, business plan development, a lecture series, entrepreneurial skills workshops, a scholars and interns program and advisory and counseling services,” said Reeger.

    “Through the Wukich Venture Fund, students and alumni may also apply for capital for business startups,” said Reeger. “In addition to assisting current students, faculty and staff, services provided by the Wukich Center are also open to Seton Hill alumni and to new referrals on a case-by-case basis.”

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