Get ready to slide into B lot, flip it and reverse it

While we were at home packing to return to campus, the Registrar’s office informed us that there would be changes coming to the shuttle and parking lots this year. When we first received the email, it was hard to bring ourselves to look because we weren’t ready to say our goodbyes to summer. We may have cringed, rolled our eyes, or sighed aloud, but we requested our parking passes and read the memo. This article is a resident student’s reaction to parking and shuttle stop options this year.

Worried about getting around our ever expanding campus? Have no fear! We now have three shuttles at SHU and an amazing app to track them. If you have seen a small yellow school bus driving around campus, that would be the new on-campus shuttle. The on-campus shuttle stops at the Administration building, Lynch Hall, Havey Clock, parking lot D, the employee parking lot (E) and the Grotto parking lot. This baby is going to be a life saver when winter rolls around!

The new yellow shuttle faces off against his bus-style counterpart. Photo courtesy of O.Schultz/Setonian
The new yellow shuttle faces off against his bus-style counterpart. Photo courtesy of O.Schultz/Setonian

The school has now also given us two off-campus shuttles: a long route and a shorter route for those in a hurry to make it to that 8 a.m. class. The long route shuttle will leave from the front of Admin every half hour and will stop at the Performing Arts Center, the arts building, The YMCA and the 131 building. The short route shuttle will leave from the front of admin every fifteen minutes and stop at the performing arts building, the arts building and the 131 building.

There have also been some changes for those who will have a car on campus this year. First, we learned that B lot would finally be back up and running. Students’ prayers from last year were undoubtedly heard. Since A, B and C are all now open and reserved for commuters, there will now be tons of room for residents in D lot, especially those prime spots below Brownlee. The employee lot (E) is open for everyone, although that might mean facing off against our professors for the best spots.

All students, commuters and residents alike, are allowed to park in the 131 lot, just not overnight. We did acquire a new lot on campus, the Boyle lot, but it along with the Grotto lot are reserved for commuters as well. Beware: if you live in Farrell or DeChantal, your lot is up for grabs for any student. As long as you never have to leave, you should be good.

Regardless of where you park on the Hill, I recommend everyone go buy some snowshoes, ponchos, rain boots and umbrellas. The hike from D lot can be quite treacherous and those steps coming up from E are fierce. Commuters, please take care of A lot for us, we sure will miss her this winter.

We love to whine and joke, but the truth is, SHU spoils us a little bit more each year. Compared to last year, parking and catching the shuttle should now be a breeze! A full schedule for all three shuttles can be found on the main page of GriffinsLair.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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