SHU raises money at parents’ association basket raffle and bake sale

Seton Hill University (SHU) held its annual parents’ association basket raffle and bake sale last weekend for homecoming.

Sophomore Mel Francis smiles during her Thursday shift at the raffle and bake sale
Sophomore Mel Francis smiles during her Thursday shift at the raffle and bake sale

Raffle tickets and baked goods were sold in the second Maura solarium Thursday and Friday. Tickets were also sold at the Murder Mystery Dinner Friday night and at the block party before Saturday’s football game. The event raised $946.50, and there were 145 ticket buyers.

“It was particularly nice this year because our prizes were especially nice,” said Beth Kepple, administrative assistant for student services. “It makes me sad that everyone can’t win, but it went very well.”

While the money from this event always goes toward the monetary gift for the president’s award at convocation, other spending depends on what is needed for student areas around campus. Right now, there is no definite plan for what the funds will go toward this year.

“I believe students in general would want the funds to go toward bringing more events and activities to campus,” said sophomore Mel Francis, who worked Thursday as part of her work study.

Kepple, Francis and a few other faculty members worked during the event, and the majority of the basket prizes were donated by parents.

The raffle baskets contained many different prizes, including the popular Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins tickets
The raffle baskets contained many different prizes, including the popular Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins tickets

“The Steelers and Penguins tickets, the lottery tree and the Vera Bradley duffel were definitely our top four sellers,” Kepple said. “It was nice though, since all of our prizes actually had a nice amount of tickets in them.”

Other prizes included stuffed animals, jewelry sets, SHU items and more, along with SHU wine that is donated from the president’s office each year. Kepple said it was good to have different types of prizes because they had different customers.

“We did have a wide variety of people,” Kepple said. “It was mostly students and employees at the school, family members Friday evening and alums and community members Saturday.”

Since it rained at the football game, Kepple did not have the chance to set up and sell tickets there. She drew the numbers at the game, although she had to make phone calls to the majority of the winners.

“We would like to have it announced at the football game that we’re selling the tickets, and then have the winners announced too,” Kepple said. “I think they’re going to do that next year, because more people inquire about it every year.”

Francis said because the event is becoming more popular, she thinks it should be held at least once a semester. Although Kepple said it is unlikely that this event can take place more than once a year, they may be able to extend the number of days they sell tickets.

“It all just depends on what events there are at homecoming,” Kepple said. “We look at the schedule each year and that’s how we determine where we’re going to take it.”

Kepple said she enjoys working this event because she can talk to students that she normally does not have the chance to interact with.

“It’s very enjoyable,” said Judy Underwood, administrative assistant for the office of student engagement. “It gets you out and meeting students and other staff members, so it’s a fun event.”
While the staff members enjoyed interacting with other students, Francis said she found the event beneficial to her major.

“Being a hospitality and tourism major, it is important to be amicable,” Francis said. “This was a great opportunity for me to put that personality trait to the test.”

Kepple said she thinks the basket raffle and bake sale went smoothly this year. She hopes to have more indoor events next year so the weather cannot hurt sales.

“I do believe Seton Hill should continue this event in the future,” Francis said. “It helps raise funds for needed items on campus, and it’s also a great opportunity for others to give in an effort to win a prize.”

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