Fall in love with Love Notes at SHU

Love Notes is an annual event hosted by the Seton Hill Music Therapy Club and is held every February. This year’s concert took place Feb. 11 in the Reichgut Concert Hall.

Taylor Belcastro, a senior music therapy major and the vice president of the club, helped organize the event. “It’s really a club effort,” she said, noting the work done by club members to bring the event together. “My favorite part is sitting back and watching. We perform music we don’t usually get to perform on stage.”

With smiling greeters and a bake-sale table at the doors of the theatre, Love Notes cultivates a low-key atmosphere. It is an event by students and for the students – with attendance open to the public – allowing for a showcase of talent as well as a chance to simply enjoy making music.

“I thought it was a lot of fun – there was a lot of energy,” said Blaine Brubaker, a junior music major who attended the event. According to Brubaker, the event serves as a small example of the mingling between disciplines she’d like to see more of in Seton Hill’s arts.

“We’re all doing something creative,” said Brubaker. “I’d like to see us bond together. This concert is a good way to bring that together.”

Some highlights of the evening included Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” performed by Garrett Kocian and Dani Hegyes, “Little Do You Know” performed by Emmi Fisher and K.C. Nowack, and an indie/folk love songs mashup put together by Ashley Herman and Maryann Rulapaugh. The concert ended with a group rendition by all performers of The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love.”

Perhaps the biggest hit of this year’s Love Notes concert were the hosts. Sophomore Sam Burns and senior Eric Wielock began the concert with a read-through of the concert’s ‘syllabus,’ warning against various musical sins. They kept the audience on their toes with games and small skits between songs, including a memorable recreation of the film “Titanic.” According to junior music therapy major Liv Rakas, “The MCs were my favorite part!”

All proceeds from the event and the bake-sale will go to sponsoring music therapy students from Seton Hill as they attend the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Region Music Therapy Conference in Harrisburg.

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