Police Blotter: Jan. – March 2016

Jan. 10 at 3:47 a “Farrell resident reported being harassed by a current and former student.”
Jan. 14 at 22:49 “a fire extinguisher was discharged in Brownlee basement.”
Jan. 21 at 0:20 “an odor of marijuana was detected in Maura Hall.”
Jan. 22 at 18:21 “a report of two students smoking marijuana outside Havey.”
Jan. 22 at 20:11 “an odor of marijuana was reported on first floor Brownlee.”
Jan. 23 at 0:10 “a liquor law was violated in Havey.”
Feb. 2 at 10:30 “SHU wall phone was taken from Brownlee fitness center. It was recovered.”
Feb. 7 at 1:18 “a disturbance occurred in front of Farrell.”
Feb. 7 at 20:30 “criminal mischief was reported in the Chapel.”
March 3 at 13:09 “student reported damage to her vehicle over Spring Break.”
March 10 at 13:10 “a student reported a minor bluetooth speaker was taken from the field house.”
March 11 at 12:00 “several items missing from the Arts Building.”
March 13 at 23:45 “there was a liquor violation in Brownlee.”

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