Bridging the GAP between Greensburg and the Hill

Complete list of businesses involved in the GAP
Complete list of businesses involved in the GAP

Have you ever wandered downtown and began to crave a cup of coffee or a bite to eat? Maybe you decided to do some window-shopping and came across a purse or jacket you couldn’t resist.

Suddenly you remember that you are a college student, and as always, you are broke. Well here’s some great news you may or may not beware of. Seton Hill offers students a 25 percent discount at participating businesses!

SHU and the city of Greensburg have close ties and are dependent on each other for continued success. Working together to create a single, cohesive community is important for both parties. The Griffin Advantage Program (GAP) is one of the ways that Seton Hill and members of the Greensburg community have worked together in order to benefit both parties.

The GAP is designed to bring the Greensburg and Seton Hill communities closer together. The GAP offers Seton Hill students, faculty and staff discounts at local businesses.

There are currently more than 80 local businesses participating in the program and new businesses join all of the time. The variety of businesses include: restaurants, fashion and beauty shops, special services like Advance Auto Parts and Sam’s Club, and specialty shops like Edible Arrangements and Family Video.

Students from Jen Jones's Organizational Leadership class promoting the GAP during wellness week.
Students from Jen Jones’s Organizational Leadership class promoting the GAP during wellness week. Photo courtesy of C.Arida/Setonian.

The GAP had a table during Seton Hill’s Wellness Week to spread awareness about the program and opportunities that SHU students and faculties have in Greensburg. The table saw an amazing turnout and was very successful.

What does this mean for you, the reader? Well, there’s a good chance that you could be getting a discount at that shop in Greensburg that you always seem to find yourself at. Look in the window to see if there’s a GAP logo!

Visit the GAP facebook page to learn more about the businesses involved in the program, as well to stay up-to-date with local happenings.

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