Police Blotter: September 2016

screen-shot-2015-03-24-at-2-20-15-pm-285x300Sept. 4 at 2:00 “A liquor law violation was reported in Maura Hall.”
Sept. 5 at 9:26 “A fire alarm activated in the basement of the east side of 1st Admin. It was a false alarm.”
Sept. 11 at 20:50 “There were several liquor law violations in Havey.”
Sept. 17 at 17:25 “A child pulled a pull station accidentally. System was reset.”
Sept. 18 at 10:54 “A smoke detector activated on 1st floor Brownlee. No smoke or fire was detected.”
Sept 18. at 17:56 “A smoke detector activated on 1st floor Farrell. No smoke or fire reported.
Sept. 18 at 18:45 “A student reported damage to his vehicle in parking lot ‘A’.”
Sept. 19 at 17:45 “A resident student reported being harassed by a non-student.”

Published By: Paige Parise

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