Tips for student voters

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1. Most important advice: PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE. Your vote is your voice and your voice matters.

2. With that being said, be an informed voter. Know why you are voting for the candidate you are voting for.

3. And with that being said, remember that you don’t have to vote for the candidate of your political party. Vote for the candidate who supports your values and beliefs.

4. You need to vote for somebody, even if you are not particularly fond of any of the candidates. One of them is going to become president, so you should want to have a say in who that is.

5. It’s also important to know that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not the only ones running for president. There are third party and independent candidates as well. Although these candidates aren’t as popular, they are still an option if you can’t find it in your heart to vote for either Democrat or Republican candidates.

6. Also keep in mind that president does not mean dictator. The president can’t decide to build a wall in one day or raise taxes for everyone. These things have to be passed by Congress.

7. With that being said, know that on election day you are not only voting for president. Do the names McGinty or Toomey ring a bell? Yeah, they are running for state senate and you’ll be voting for one of them come election day.

8. Don’t base your vote on the polls and peer pressure. Base your vote on what you feel as an individual and who you think would be a great candidate for the country you have to live in.

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