Police Blotter: November 2016

screen-shot-2015-03-24-at-2-20-15-pm-285x300Nov. 1 at 12:39 “A male (not a student) was given a trespassing warning.”
Nov. 1 at 20:46 “A smoke detector activated on 3rd floor Havey. Cause was burnt food.”
Nov. 2 at 12:34 “The chain link fence in the alley behind the Arts Building was damaged.”
Nov. 3 at 11:13 “A commuter student was in violation of illegal drugs while on campus.”
Nov. 4 at 17:42 “A smoke detector activated in the Brownlee basement lounge. The cause was unknown.”
Nov. 12 at 15:34 “A smoke detector activated on 3rd floor Havey. The cause was possibly due to someone smoking a cigarette.”
Nov. 12 at 17:02 “A smoke/heat detector activated on 2nd floor Brownlee bathroom. Possible cause due to a leak on 3rd floor bathroom.”
Nov. 13 at 1:35 “A Canevin resident’s room was burglarized, suspect identified. Restitutions will follow.”
Nov. 13 at 9:51 “A smoke detector activated in Canevin basement. The cause is unknown.”
Nov. 14 at 9:25 “A water flow alarm activated in Reeves. Building was checked, nothing was found.”
Nov. 15 at 19:02 “A smoke detector activated on 1st Havey. A hair dryer was the cause.”
Nov. 17 at 12:15 “An officer reported someone damaged both men’s and women’s locker room doors at the field house.”
Nov. 18 at 12:10 “A resident student reported damage to her vehicle while parked in parking lot ‘D.’ Cameras will be reviewed.”
Nov. 21 at 23:29 “A smoke detector activated in the Sullivan Cove. Too much smoke from a grill was the cause.”

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