Griffin guides host first ever Mr. Seton Hill

Will Hoover is crowned Mr. Seton Hill. Photo by O.Schultz/Setonian.

On Feb. 14, the Griffin Guides hosted the Mr. Seton Hill competition. The participants were Ardell Brown representing the dance team, Arun Thalody representing the Volleyball Club, Brandon Wright for the baseball team, Curtis Gallagher for the women’s soccer team, Daniel Baughman for the Dietetics Club, Jake Stoner for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Liam Kettle for the Make-A-Wish Club, Louis Mason for men’s soccer, Manny Joshua for [a]wake, Michael-Patrick Buckley for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Tommy Farrell for men’s lacrosse and Will Hoover for the Chemistry Club.

The first round was the pick-up line round, where each man had a woman join him on stage and told her his best pick-up line. There was a Disney inspired one, one about the school’s Wi-Fi and one about the material of a shirt being boyfriend material.

President Mary Finger, a judge for the event, said that she enjoyed all of the creativity but she had to give this round to all of the international students because their accents made the pick-up lines even better. Buckley was automatically safe and moved on to round two because he raised the most money. The four who were eliminated were Farrell, Brown, Wright and Mason.

The final two, Will Hoover and Manny Joshua, wait anxiously to see who will be the first ever Mr. Seton Hill. Photo by O.Schultz/Setonian.

Round two was the question round. The questions ranged from “where do you see yourself in ten years?” “who is your biggest influence?” and “which Seton Hill pillar do you think is the most important?” All of the judges agreed that the contestants showed heart and that they are all deep thinkers. Those eliminated were Buckley, Thalody, Kettle and Baughman.

The final round was where the last four showed their talents. Gallagher showed off some tricks he learned with a soccer ball, while Stoner was able to flip a huge tire once. Joshua played piano and sang “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon, and Hoover showed off his martial arts skills and broke some wooden boards. Then the audience got to vote via Seton Hill’s student life Twitter on who they thought should win.

Will Hoover gives his thank you speech after being crowned the first ever Mr. Seton Hill. Photo by O.Schultz/Setonian.

In fourth place was Gallagher, third was Stoner, second was Joshua and Hoover was crowned the first ever Mr. Seton Hill. On his win, Hoover said “I had a lot of fun and I hope to see more people on the stage next year. The support from everyone was awesome.”

On how Mr. Seton Hill came to be, Brittany Grimm, one of Griffin Guides who helped plan the event, said “I participated in an event like this all four years of high school and it was used as a fundraiser. It really brought the high school closer as a community and we decided to do it here at Seton Hill so we could bring our community closer. We also thought that it would be a fun event for everyone to go to on Valentine’s Day.”

Sarah Carroll, also a Griffin Guide who helped plan the event, said “For the contestants we were looking for those that embodied Seton Hill and represents the mission of the school.”

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