Achtzehn presents updates on dining hall renovation

PJ Dick management services company works on the dining hall construction. The renovations are expected to be completed in August. Photo by L.Cowan/Setonian.

On March 22, Darren “D-Man” Achtzehn, director of food services, spoke in Lowe Dining Hall to give a presentation about the current renovation and expansion plan for the hall. He was optimistic about the plans, stating he wanted to give an “inside peek on what they’re doing outback” to “remove the mystery a little bit” about what’s happening with the hall.

“A lot of people have been thinking we’re building a new dining hall, we’re not,” Achtzehn said. “We are just renovating the current dining hall.”

According to Achtzehn, the important thing is “to create a new dining experience, to maximize the benefit to the entire campus community and provide after hour social study space.” Two years ago, to get a sense of what they liked and didn’t like, students were asked in a student survey.

“What you do like are the traditional aesthetics or the Hogwarts feeling of Lowe. You love the specialty food stations, the round tables and you love the open dining room layout,” Achtzehn said regarding student responses.

“What you don’t like: it’s too hot, it’s too dark, it’s too crowded,” Achtzehn said. “There’s not enough options at dinner, and there’s no access after hours. Those are the things in summary that you told us.”

“We want it to have a home feel to it, it is your home,” Azchtzehn said regarding the new renovations taking place. They’ll be adding air conditioning to the space, “upping the food stations, adding furniture and options, maybe some soft lounge furniture and evening hang out in the study space.”

Lowe Dining Hall will still “be called and continue to be called Lowe Dining Hall.” Being built in 1900’s, Lowe’s had no renovations since 1919. For those wondering when the renovations will be completed, Achtzehn said as of today it is Aug. 17.

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