Lunch with Liz: A play about Elizabeth Seton

Students perform as actors and President Finger sit on stage during the play. Photo by A.Shriane/Setonian.

Seton Hill University held an event called “Lunch with Liz” on Thursday, March 23. The lunch was about Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, who was the founder of the Sisters of Charity.

Two of the many deeds Seton is remembered for are her love for the poor and service. She learned of the traditions of Saint Vincent de Paul, who wanted to teach a new way of ministry and an action of helping people in need. Seton then decided to create a boarding school for girls and the idea flourished with the assistance of Archbishop John Carroll.

There are several generations of charity. SHU President Mary Finger gave a brief history and connection of the Sisters of Charity and SHU.

Finger said the “sycamore trees here on campus were planted in 1929 in representation of strength and courage.” She added that she loves the “welcoming spirit of the campus and the service, especially to the poor.” Finger also said that the committee of “staff, students and faculty have wonderful values.”

A video of recent SHU alumni was shown with examples of how the legacy of service continues even after students graduate. Labor of Love, Habitat for Humanity, Take the Day On, Make a Wish, Seton Art Scholars and student athletes are a few of the many acts of service SHU students, faculty and staff perform.

Many student athletes at SHU attended the event with plenty of staff and faculty, supportive students, alumni and students at Seton La Salle, a public school not too far away from SHU.

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