Need-to-know tips for incoming freshmen

While there is a ton to learn during orientation, Griffin Days and other events Seton Hill holds, there are some tips that you have to learn through experience. Here are a few things some Seton Hill students and alumni suggested to help make your transition to college a little easier.

Finding Food on Campus

Located in Sullivan Hall, the Griffin’s Cove works similarly to a Made-to-Order food place (like a Sheetz). You go up to the counter, fill out a menu slip and then pay at the register. They also have freshly made salads, desserts and other snacks to grab. Meal plan, Flex, cards and cash are accepted. This is also one of the locations to buy Starbucks.

The Vibe Fresh Market is located in the lobby of the JoAnne Woodyard Boyle Health Sciences Center. This is a self-serve “grab and go” store, ranging from pizza rolls and sandwiches to candy and chips. The Vibe accepts prepaid cards (located on top of the register) from a debit card or cash.

At the Visual Arts Center, you can find The Café right inside the door. There are less options here than The Cove, but you can find sandwiches and other snacks, as well as Starbucks.

Dorm Tips

One way to save space is bunking beds. Hopefully your roommate isn’t afraid of heights. Photo by C.Arida/Setonian.

If you are traveling far from home to come to Seton Hill and have the fortunate opportunity to live on campus, here are some tips you might not hear while touring the dorms.

Take advantage of the lounges and community areas in your building, it is the perfect opportunity to meet people and make friends.

Remember to put water in your Easy Mac before you microwave it, or it will catch on fire and you will be “that girl/boy” the rest of the semester.

Get used to community bathrooms and showering in flip-flops.

Be prepared for 80 degree weather in your room all year round and leaving your window open in the middle of winter.

Learn how to do your laundry before coming to campus, otherwise it’s just an embarrassing teaching moment for everyone involved.

Packing can be overwhelming, and unpacking is even worse. Take what’s necessary, but also keep in mind that you want your dorm to feel homey. Check out Pinterest for organizing and space-saving tips!

Lastly, remember to enjoy and take full advantage of the dorm-life, it may be dreadful at times, but it’s a once in a lifetime chance and you’ll gain so much from it.

Take Advantage of Spaces

One of the great things about SHU is the numerous lounge spaces to accommodate students. The Commuter’s Lounge is located on second floor Maura, right next to the Solarium and elevator. The Campus Ministry Lounge is down the hall. Admin has a ton of tables and chairs located in the Parlors. Reeves Library offers quiet study rooms.

Don’t Forget to Explore

Seton Hill is over 100 years old, so that means there are ton of places to explore. It’s an adventure to walk around campus and find the hidden spaces, statues or just examine the old architecture. Ever notice the griffins carved into the bricks outside Lowe? Or find the garden behind Admin?

This is important to mention too: At some point, you’re probably going to get lost, whether it be on the way to class or just wandering. Don’t panic, you’ll find your way back.

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