Police Blotter: October 2017

Oct. 14 at 17:00 “A harassment report was taken by campus police and Greensburg police at the football game.”
Oct. 24 at 15:08 “A fire alarm activated in Admin. A dry water sprinkler system was believed to be the cause.”
Oct. 25 at 11:52 “A smoke detector activated on third floor Havey. The cause was unknown.”
Oct. 27 at 00:36 “A smoke detector activated on second floor DeChantal. Burnt popcorn was the cause.”
Oct. 28 at 22:20 “Burnt popcorn caused a fire alarm activation on second floor Havey.”
Oct. 29 at 2:31 “A resident student was in violation of the university liquor law policy.”
Oct. 30 at 00:45 “Burnt food in the microwave set off a fire alarm on first floor DeChantal.”

Published By: Paige Parise

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