Police Blotter: February 2018

Feb. 11 at 18:10 “At the 131 building, a smoke detector activated accidentally, no smoke or fire.”
Feb. 13 at 15:00 “A student reported damage to her vehicle parked in either Dechantal or parking lot D.”
Feb. 15 at 09:05 “One of the McKenna gym’s basketball backboard had its glass broken out of it.”
Feb. 16 at 20:08 “A smoke detector activated on 3rd Cavevin. The cause was unknown.”
Feb. 17 at 20:45 “A smoke detector activated at the Performing Arts Center. The cause was unknown.”
Feb. 18 at 07:45 “A vehicle drove through the campus fields. The resident student was identified.”
Feb. 19 at 22:51 “A fire alarm activated on 2nd floor Farrell. The cause was unknown.”
Feb. 23 at 11:46 “A large picture frame was reported missing from the lower level of Sullivan.”
Feb. 24 at 03:22 “A smoke detector activated the fire alarm on first floor Dechantal. Dust from a fan was the cause.”

Published By: Paige Parise

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