Lebron James weighs options for potential new squad

The image above shows different teams that are in pursuit of Lebron James, who will enter free agency after this season. Photo from Cavsnation.com.

“Lebron is the greatest player in the world and might be the greatest player ever,” said Marc Demilio, a junior business major at Seton Hill University. “He has many more years and shows he can better with age, there is a lot of young talent in the league but no one that can surpass Lebron in saying they are a greater player.”

Lebron James, formerly known as “King James,” is arguably one of the greatest players to ever step foot onto the basketball court. “The Kid from Akron” has been putting the points on the scoreboard and striving for success since the 2003 NBA draft. James will soon be looking for another championship with the start of the 2018 NBA playoffs April 4.

Aside from looking for the glorious title of “champion,” James and the Cavs have struggled to beat the big tenders of the West, the Golden State Warriors, in the finals. Since falling short of the title, the 2017 season has been a year of rumors that James is looking to go elsewhere for a better chance at the championship title.

Over the course of the current season, there have been reports that the championship is not the only variable in the mix that has James looking for other options. According to Complex.com, James and Cavs head coach, Tyronn Lue, got into a heated argument during a game Mar. 16 against the Trail Blazers, which ended in a loss for the Cavs. There have been other reports of James and Lue going back and forth during games and in the locker room as well.

Following the 2018 playoffs, the free agency market opens up for the NBA. According to Forbes.com, Lebron is currently looking at offers from four teams. The teams that were released are the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76er’s and the Houston Rockets.

“I believe his best option to win a championship is to go elsewhere like Houston or Philly. He has a better chance to compete for a championship unless the Cavs make a move to acquire another all-star,” Demilio said.

All four of the teams on Lebron’s watch-list have potential talent, but each team holds something different from the rest.

The Cleveland Cavaliers recently acquired Larry Nance Jr. (power forward) and Jordan Clarkson (point/shooting guard) from the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for Isiah Thomas (point guard), a first round pick, and Channing Frye (power forward).

“Larry Nance brings youth, length and defense to the table,” Demilio said. “Jordan Clarkson is young and athletic too but more of a scorer, I like both pickups because they help on defense.” Each player holds potential, but the question is on hold whether or not they will be enough for James to win another championship with the Cavs.

“Lebron might go elsewhere to compete and have a better chance of winning a championship or he might want to be closer to his house in Los Angeles and see his kids play more,” Demilio said.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a potential team for James as well. The Lakers lineup is full of young and talented players such as Lonzo Ball (point guard), Kyle Kuzma (small forward), Brandon Ingram (small forward) and Julius Randle (power forward).

The younger players aren’t the only potential aspect of their line-up.

“I think Lebron’s ideal situation is the Lakers because they have the most cap space to recruit more superstars,” said Trevor Blondin, a junior corporate communication major and guard for the SHU men’s basketball team. “Paul George is an option to add to the team with Lebron as well.”

The 76er’s are also on the King’s list of teams for free agency. The team from Philly brings more young talent and larger key players such as Ben Simmons (forward) and Joel Embiid (center).

“Simmons is an elite player that will definitely help Lebron with passing,” Blondin said.

The Houston Rockets are a team that bring more than just passing from two individual players. The Rockets bring both shooting and ball handling to the equation.

The Rockets star players James Harden (point guard) and Chris Paul (point guard) are two crucial players to the Rockets’ success. The two bring shooting and ball handling to another level.

All four teams on James’s watch list hold potential for the future of his success as a professional basketball player. James could see something in each team that no one else sees. The question is still on hold as to where James will end up.

“Leaving Cleveland again is not really a good option for his reputation,” Demilio said. “Winning another championship is always on his mind; this is going to be a defining moment in his career.”

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