Redone classics to rejuvenate your song mix

In recent years, some classic rock and pop songs have been making a comeback through modern artists. It’s really fun to compare the original songs to the newer versions. Each artist takes a different approach to the song and really makes it their own. If you haven’t heard them yet, you may want to add them to your Spotify playlist!

“Seven Nation Army”
The original was done by The White Stripes. “American Idol” finalist Haley Reinhart remixed this song with Postmodern Jukebox into a slower, jazzier, more modern piece. The original song was super catchy; the new piece is equally, if not more catchy than the original.

Dolly Parton performed “Jolene” with Pentatonix. Photo from dolly

This classic was originally a country love song performed by Dolly Parton. Recently Parton partnered up with Pentatonix and created an A Capella version of the song that is absolutely fabulous!

“Don’t Stop Believing”
Originally sung as a rock song by Journey, Vanessa Stansfield takes an instrumental approach to the song. Stansfield plays this song on the piano and makes the song go from a rock song to feeling more like the love song it is.

“Hey Ya!”
We all grew up with some pretty great music; “Hey Ya!” by OutKast falls in this category. Recently Avi Kaplan, former Pentatonix bass vocalist, released a newer, “hipster” version of the song with The Sequoias, an up and coming band. The newest version is a major “reading on the beach” song.

“Can’t Help Falling In Love”
Elvis made this famous, however Meghan Trainor’s jazzy acoustic live version makes the song feel more “coffee shop” than “love song.”

Both Sam Tsui and Casey Breves made their claim to fame on YouTube. Photo from TheSamTsui on YouTube.

“Time After Time”
The original song by Cyndi Lauper has an ‘80s pop feeling to it. When Sam Tsui and Casey Breves redid it, they slowed it down and made it into a lovey-dovey duet. Both are fun to listen to; it really depends on your mood.

“Come Together”
We all know the Beatles’ sound: classic rock. GodSmack gives this particular classic a twist, with metal/rock and roll, electric guitars and all. The GodSmack version is a great road trip or workout song that motivates you to get whatever you’re doing done faster.

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