Top 10 Alternative Facts of SHU

The smoke stack towers over SHU just as the one in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Photo by L.Cowan/Setonian.

1. The smoke stack by McKenna gym actually turns into the smoke stack from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory at night. Yes, that’s right, every night Oompa Loompas make their appearance at Seton Hill to keep the chocolate river creamed and sugared so people of the world can enjoy Wonka chocolate. This smoke stack likely confuses many late night drivers who pass by Seton Hill and instead see a large lit up Wonka sign.

2. Speaking of chocolate rivers, the river itself runs through the tunnels under Seton Hill. That scary boat ride that traumatized many children for generations is also down there. And to make matters worse, there is no telling exactly what will appear on the walls of the tunnels.

3. Keeping with the creepy, this past October there was a Pennywise sighting. Bright red balloons were spotted above both the entrance to the tunnels and the sewer by the Boyle building. Thankfully, no students were harmed as they ran away from the appearance of their greatest fear: crippling debt.

A red balloon was tied to the sewer drain at Seton Hill as a sign of Pennywise the clown. Photo by L.Cowan/Setonian.

4. Pennywise is not the only monster that has been sighted around campus. Bigfoot has been spotted in the past walking around the woods and even closer to campus. At this point of time, it is believed to have been a student who was dressing up as Bigfoot. But is that true? More Bigfoot footprints have been found on the paths in the forest.

5. I’ll flat out say this, the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets is in the tub in the men’s bathroom on third Maura. You didn’t think that Seton Hill wasn’t really Hogwarts, right? All that is required to open the entrance is to turn the hot water right twice and the cold water left three times. If you decide to venture down into the Chamber of Secrets, may St. Elizabeth Ann Seton be with you.

The men’s bathroom on third Maura is the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. Photo by L.Cowan/Setonian.

6. If you venture into the classrooms of Maura around three in the morning (the witching hour) you may find the spirits of the nuns who’ve passed away. These nuns used to teach at the university and if you walk into the classrooms they may just teach you about the subjects they used to teach. Beware as they don’t give extra credit.

7. Legend has it that if you show up before 8 a.m. classes start you may find a parking spot in A Lot.

8. I bet a lot of you didn’t know that the Griffin is real. The beloved mascot has long been believed to be a student, but Griffins are in fact real and one of them serves as our mascot.

Seton Hill’s mascot is actually a real griffin, not a student. Photo by H.Carnahan/Setonian.

9. In 2009 when the Performing Arts Center opened, a group of students entered the building to play hide-and-seek. All except one student was found. To this day, there is one student who is still hidden somewhere in the PAC.

10. Martha Washington was born here. And George Washington was born at St. Vincent.

Bonus Fact: There is a pack of feral cats that live in the woods around Seton Hill. Every full moon they find their way into the chapel and dance around as cat people. They are lead in their annual performance by their leader Chairman Meow.

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