Police Blotter: August 2018

June 4 at 09:40 “An office in Sullivan was entered, and some items were removed.”

June 7 at 11:16 “Steam from the shower activated a fire alarm on 1st Havey.”

June 11 at 09:28 “A fire alarm (smoke detector) activated on 1st floor Brownlee. Dust may have set off the alarm.”

June 21 at 11:34 “Someone who was welding set off a fire alarm. There was no fire.”

June 28 at 12:19 “A smoke detector activated a fire alarm on 2nd floor of St. Joseph’s Hall. It was unknown what caused the alarm.”

July 4 at 21:26 “A smoke detector activated on St. Joseph’s 2nd floor. A faulty detector was the cause.”

July 23 at 23:25 “A smoke detector activated on second floor admin. The cause was undetermined.”

July 28 at 17:51 “A student reported cash missing from his lost wallet after it was recovered.”

Aug. 11 at 13:06 “A light haze of smoke from Lowe emergency generator activated a fire alarm. There was no fire.”

Aug. 15 at 20:45 “A Brownlee resident reported a theft of money from his room.”

Aug. 15 at 08:08 “A fire alarm (smoke detector) activated on 3rd Brownlee. Shower steam set off the alarm.”

Aug. 19 at 00:52 “A medical emergency resulted from an underage Havey resident consuming alcohol.”

Aug. 20 at 02:36 “A smoke detector activated on 1st DeChantal, unknown what set it off.”

Aug. 26 at 02:20 “A broken water pipe activated a fire alarm in Canevin.”

Published By: Stephen Dumnich

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