I Am Impowered: Former SHU soccer players start new business

Seton Hill University freshman Patrick McAteer models an Impower brand t-shirt, a business created by SHU graduate student Jack Wardale and alum Mitch Ever. Photo courtesy of J.Wardale.

Seton Hill University graduate student Jack Wardale and alum Mitch Eger are trying to change the world. The former SHU soccer players have always had business ideas, but now they have taken two steps forward and are pursuing their dream.

Wardale is currently in the MBA program and was a biology major. Eger was an exercise major.

“Impower is an antiquated spelling for the word ‘empower’ as we believe like our cause, that helping others and the world is nothing new,” Wardale said. “Impower is a clothing brand that actively seeks to create a community of people who want to change the world for the better. By wearing the brand, it creates a platform for people to stand for something without the constraints of political or religious affiliation.”

Wardale started his own YouTube channel (Jack Wardale) seven months ago in attempt to change the way people think and to promote positivity and fulfillment in life.

“As I progressed through my YouTube journey I realized a lot of people were trying to change the world for the better in their own way,” Wardale said. “With this knowledge, coupled with the political uncertainty both in my own country (England) and the U.S., I felt it was time to create a brand like Impower.”

Impower recently opened its website, www.iamimpowered.com.

“We wanted to stay away from a conventional-style website,” Wardale said. “We direct our customers through our about page first rather than trying to direct the consumer straight to the shop, because to us, our overall mission is much more important than our clothing. When we officially launch products, we will start by selling only black hoodies and t-shirts with our embroidered logo and name.”

Impower gives customers the power to help a charity of their choice with their purchase.

“We already have a lot of exciting ideas for future clothing, but these can only be actualized if people are not only willing to join the community, but advocate the brand to others,” Wardale said. “The mission will always be to stand by our promise to donate 10 percent of every purchase to a charity of the consumer’s choice.”

All products are manufactured in the U.S. Online orders will begin soon. Impower can also be found on Instagram at @iamimpowered. Anyone who would like to model for Impower for upcoming releases can email helpimpower@gmail.com.

Published By: Stephen Dumnich

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