Police Blotter: April 2019

Feb. 25 at 14:30 “The arts building cafe reported two bottles of frappuccino coffee missing. Video footage revealed the person involved.”

Feb. 26 at 11:37 “An overheated water pump in mechanical building at the arts building activated a fire alarm.”

March 7 at 10:45 “A resident student was in violation of a controlled substance.”

March 13 at 14:21 “A resident student was in violation of the Pa. controlled substance law.”

March 15 at 16:30 “A visitor attending a sporting event reported damage to her vehicle parked in Boyle lot.”

March 22 at 23:30 “Two Havey residents were in violation of the Pa. liquor law underage, purchase, consumption and/or possession.”

March 26 at 11:38 “A commuter student was in violation of the SHU weapons policy.”

March 29 at 22:00 “Burnt food activated a fire alarm in Brownlee.”

Published By: Stephen Dumnich

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