SHU athlete gets drafted by professional lacrosse team

Brett Craig, No. 15 for the SHU men’s lacrosse team, is pictured above playing for the Elev8 lacrosse team. Elev8 is an elite lacrosse team based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Elev8 was founded by Geoff Snider in 2007 to develop players and get them ready for the highest level of field and box lacrosse. Photo courtesy of Brett Craig.

“It’s hard to put into words what my time here at Seton Hill has done for me both personally and athletically because I’m still very much on this journey,” said Brett Craig, a senior communication major at Seton Hill University, “but reflecting on the past four years, the coaches, players and staff here have done an incredible number on my growth as both a person and player.”

Craig is from Calgary, Alberta Canada where he started playing hockey at the age of four. Lacrosse soon came into the picture and stuck for good with Craig when his parents wanted him to participate in some sort summer sport.

“My family has been nothing short of incredible for me in terms of playing both both lacrosse and field. My dad especially. Being an only child growing up, he was always in the backyard with me passing around, helping me out, which was awesome as we were both figuring out the sport for the first time,” Craig said.

From then on, Craig would eventually go on to play field lacrosse for his hometown high school in Calgary, Crescent Heights.

“I had the opportunity to be recruited and the entire process, my parents were both very involved with helping out and figuring out what would be the best option for me. Ultimately, I know for a fact I wouldn’t be where I am today without their confidence and support,” Craig said.

Soon Craig would be visiting the states and coming to SHU due to the fact he lived in Western Canada and because he started the recruitment process late. SHU was interested in recruited

Brett Craig, No. 15 for the SHU men’s lacrosse team tallied a season high of 10 ground balls against Indianapolis on Feb. 16. Craig had a total of 80 for the 2019 year. Photo courtesy of Brett Craig.

Craig since day one and visiting SHU was a big commitment for the soon to be NCAA athlete.
“Coming to the states 100% revolved around playing lacrosse. I knew if I wanted to play lacrosse at the collegiate level it would be in America,” Craig said.

Craig only had three falls to play in front of college coaches and Coach Harrington, former SHU lacrosse coach, at the time was very diligent on getting Craig to become a SHU Griffin.

“I think after being on campus I knew that Seton Hill was my choice as everything about being on campus and around the team was what I was looking for,” said Craig. “I took a gap year after high school to really give myself the best opportunity to select the best fit and I felt and still do feel that Seton Hill gave me that opportunity.”

Craig, No. 15 for the Griffin’s men’s lacrosse team, is a long stick midfielder (LSM). During his time at SHU, Craig has tallied a total of 15 goals through the 2016-18 seasons. Following this past season he has recorded a total of four goals for the 2019 season. Craig made the ECAC All Rookie Team Selection during 2016 freshman season and USILA All American as a third team selection in his 2017 sophomore and 2018 junior seasons.

“My biggest influence would have to be my coaches growing up. I have had incredible role models coaching me from a young age starting in minor with Troy Mclean and Brad Warrington, moving into junior with Andrew McBride, Dane Dobbie, Jesse Fehr, Jake Hayes and Mitch Banister, and field lacrosse with Geoff and Bob Snider. Being coached by professional lacrosse players who know the game so well made me want to pursue the best version of myself possible,” Craig said.

Following up to his senior year in 2019, Craig received news that paid off on all of his hard work at SHU. March 9 was the day Craig was drafted 39th overall by the Atlanta Blaze in the 2019 MLL draft.

Brett Craig, No. 15 for the SHU men’s lacrosse team is pictured above running with the ball on the field during a game. Craig playas a long stick midfielder. During his 2019 season with the Griffins lacrosse team, Craig had a season high of six caused turnovers against Malloy and a total of 23 for the year. Photo courtesy of Brett Craig.

“After getting picked by Atlanta, it is still very surreal as I’m still here at Seton Hill playing, so I don’t think it has completely settled in for me yet. It was extremely exciting to see my name called at the draft because being a D2 guy, it’s hard to really get that spotlight behind all the incredible talent in Division I,” Craig said.

Craig has not signed to the Atlanta Blaze yet due to the fact he is still an NCAA athlete. Following graduation in the spring of 2019, he will be going down to Atlanta and going through pre-season camp and working to fill in a roster spot.

“The past three to four years, I really made the mindset change to pursue to lacrosse as much as I could, and now that this opportunity is present, I’m very humbled but also aware that there is plenty of hard work to be done in order to continue on this path,” Craig said.

Craig’s future plans right now are set on pursuing the route of professional lacrosse with the NLL draft coming up this September. Also, he will be going back to Calgary to work with Elev8, the club team that Craig played field for and who he has worked with during his time playing at SHU as well.

“Growing upon what it takes to compete at an elite level with such a great group of guys has really driven me to act that same way on a personal level as well. Furthermore, I think the opportunities that have arisen for me from playing at [SHU] are something that I never imagined would once happen, and am currently entirely grateful for,” Craig said.

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