Top 10 Alternative Facts of SHU Part 2

The students in the library try summoning a wifi connection at the beginning of the semester. Photo by H.Carnahan/Setonian.

Last year, an article swept through campus: a list of facts about SHU. Students were learning new facts about the university they loved. They were learning some alternative facts about SHU. And now, there are 10 more facts that have come to light for students to learn of.

  1. Seton Hill is going to have a new mascot in the fall. Our beloved Griffin is retiring and our new mascot shall be a duckling.


  1. The stairs going to E lot will also be replaced by an incline for quick travel across campus. Photo by P.Parise/Setonian.

    For a quicker way up the hill, the university is installing an incline for students to ride up the hill.

  1. Kylie Jenner is pregnant again and is hiding out in the woods on campus.


  1. A student in DeChantal Hall brought a Roomba with them to campus. Everything was fine until spring break when the Roomba became sentient and escaped the dorm room. It did not leave the building though and still roams the building.


  1. Many students have been telling their professors that they have thrown out their textbooks because they do not “spark joy.”


  1. Earlier in the semester, campus security was called to investigate a report of a summoning circle going on in the technology center in Reeves Library. Once there, no students were present, but campus security did in fact find the remnants of a summoning circle that involved a USB drive, wifi router and laptop. It is believed that the students were attempting to summon an internet connection.


  1. An alternative entrance to Narnia is behind the clothing rack in the career closet. Photo by H.Carnahan/Setonian.

    Not only is Kylie Jenner living in the woods on campus, it is believed that both a sphinx and leprechaun live there as well.


  1. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton’s ghost has been spotted praying in the chapel at night. It is believed that her spirit has been residing in the figure of her during the day.


  1. Behind the racks of clothing in the Career Closet, you can find the entrance to Narnia. Are you willing to sell your family for a bite of Turkish Delight?


  1. It is said that if the ceiling fans in Lowe Dining Hall are ever turned off, it will bring forth the end of the world.

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