Homecoming Cup comes to SHU

Pictured above are the various clubs and organizations that will partake in the Homecoming Cup at the club involvement fair Sept. 10. Clubs and organizations will compete for funding for their expenses throughout the semester. Photo from @SHUdentlife on Instagram.

Homecoming is a time when students have the chance to fully embody their school spirit. Students, alumni, friends and family are all invited to participate in these events and take  in the welcoming community of our university. This year, Seton Hill is stirring up the excitement of this week-long celebration with the introduction of the first annual Homecoming Cup!

“Homecoming Cup is the time for students, during Homecoming, to get more involved,” said Samantha Moon, a student representative of the Homecoming activities. “These campus wide events consist of three brackets, clubs and organizations, residence halls and athletic teams.” 

Each team will have the opportunity to compete in a series of events, with each team consisting of up to eight members. These brackets are not limited to one team and multiple players can join to compete toward their same causes. 

These events are broken down into three categories, including an obstacle course, (Oct. 10) and a banner-making competition. Banners must be submitted to Judy Underwood by Friday October 4th, judging will take place Oct. 9. The banners will be judged on creativity, SHU spirit and homecoming pride. The Lip Sync battle will take place Oct. 11 at 9 p.m. 

Moon described these as “athletic-based, artistic, and performance” categories, which allow students of all majors and skill strengths an advantageous shot at winning where students who win each bracket earn funding for their club or organization. 

The top three winners of each event win a prize.  The Lip Sync battle costs five dollars per performer, and all proceeds support the Make-A-Wish foundation.

While participating in each event, teams will earn points that go toward their final score. The final tally will reveal the ultimate champions of the Homecoming Cup. This prize consists of $100 that will be donated to the winning team to cover any expenses they may have throughout the semester and help to support their campus efforts.

To enter, students must register through Shine. The deadline for team registration is Wednesday, Oct. 2 at 5 p.m.

Students will not want to miss this opportunity to participate in these campus activities. It’s not required to have a team to partake in the festivities, but all students are welcome just for the excitement of the events as well.

 “You get to work with other people,  and it’s always fun too because you get to become more involved and meet new people on campus,” Moon said. 

Homecoming Week takes place from Oct. 9-13 and consists of an array of opportunities for students to get involved. We encourage all students to enter and aim to win funding for their organization! For any more information about Homecoming Cup, you can send an email to mzielinski@setonhill.edu or s.moon@setonhill.edu.

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