October 2019 Police Blotter

Sept. 4 at 08:47, “A smoke detector activated a fire alarm at the field house. Cause was unknown.” 

Sept. 7 at 08:14, “A nonstudent was given a trespass warning.” 

Sept. 16 at 16:28, “A wall decoration on the 3rd floor of Sister’s of Charity  Res. Hall was damaged.” 

Sept. 17 at 13:20, “A resident student reported harassment, investigation continuing.” 

Sept. 19 at 11:05, “A mountain bike, which was taken, was recovered and returned to owner. Video footage is being reviewed .” 

Sept. 21 at 13:42, “Dust from contractors working in St. Mary’s basement activated a fire alarm.”

Published by Caitlin Srager

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