Fall Movies to watch during study breaks

The fall season is a busy time in the semester for faculty and students on the Seton Hill campus.

It is crucial for everyone to take a break from the books and teaching. A great way to relax during the fall season is to check out some of the best fall movie suggestions of the season!

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“Corpse Bride” (2005)

This movie by Tim Burton has become an undeniable fall classic.

The animation tells the story of a young man – Victor Van Dort who accidentally married a corpse. 

He is then transported to the underworld where he finds out the corpse belongs to a bride whose soul had been waiting to find a husband. 

Victor must try to go back to the surface and to the woman that he really is supposed to marry. 

This movie may not seem like it, but will leave you with tears at the end; with Helena Bohman-Carter and Johnny Depp. “Corpse Bride” is perfect for those who like creepy, but not scary things. 

“Dead Poets Society” (1989)

Everything about this movie emanates fall. 

The story about an English teacher who arrives at an all-boys boarding school and inspire their lives through his teaching of poetry; this is a tragic and touching story about the power that words can have as well as the importance of “seizing the day.” 

It is impossible to watch this movie without feeling inspired after watching it. 

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“The Craft” (1996)

This movie tells the story of three young witches as they unravel the secrets of witchcraft and become extremely powerful after the arrival of the fourth witch. 

Throughout the movie the young women become blind with power and soon began to forget the main rules of witchcraft and it is up to the newcomer to stop them. This movie is a classic horror film and perfect for those who love witches, being cozy and scary fall nights. 

“Sleepy Hollow” (1999)

It is impossible to choose only one Tim Burton movie to put on this list, but this underrated gem deserves a place on this  movie list. 

This is Burton’s take on the legend of “the headless horseman.”

It follows the story of Ichabod Crane, a young man passionate about forensic science in 1799, is sent to the  town of Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of depictions. There he is met with the legend of the headless horseman which plagues the town.

Crane then falls in love with local beauty Katrina, and tries to solve the crimes. 

It is the perfect mixture of drama, supernatural horror, and romance. 

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“The Witch” (2015)

Perhaps the scariest movie on this list, this movie is based on real records about witchcraft around the 17th century. 

The family’s newborn suddenly disappears, only for them to find out that it was kidnapped by a witch after the were banished from their village and are forced to live by themselves near the woods. 

However, strange things began to happen such as their animals disappearing or dying, strange sights and the children claiming to be able to talk to one of the goats. 

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