Top six Christmas movies to watch over winter break

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Everyone loves a good Christmas movie to get them in the spirit of the holidays, right? Get yourself a decorative mug of hot chocolate, warm fuzzy socks with a blanket and snuggle up to watch your favorite holiday film. 

If you fancy some classic movie recommendations to binge watch before Dec. 25 that practically no one could refuse to view, follow the magic trail to my list five Christmas movies to view.

“Elf” (2003) 

Released in 2003, “Elf” stars director Jon Favreau (who plays Dr. Leonardo), Will Farrell, Zooey Deschanel, James Caan, Peter Dinklage, Ed Asner and Mary Steenburgen, among others. 

“Elf” follows the story of Buddy (Farrell), a human elf. Adopted into the elf community, one Christmas, a grown up Buddy travels to New York City in order to find his father, Walter (Caan). 

While residing in New York, Buddy meets Walter’s wife, Emily (Steenburgen) and their son, Michael (Daniel Tay). Buddy finds a job where he meets his love interest, Jovie (Deschanel) and it’s nice to see how their story pans out. “Elf” is just one of the classic, funny Christmas movies. It’s always playing at my house around the holidays and it’s just one that you can’t pass up on . 

“Home Alone” film series (1990-2012) 

Four movies with an additional Holiday Heist, this story was written by John Hughes. Directed by Chris Columbus, the franchise is beloved by many. “Home Alone” is a story that follows a young Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) over his journey around the holidays spanning across the five movies. The family accidentally leaves him home alone while travelling over Christmas. A lot of mischief ensues and they’re certainly not one to miss. 

“The Polar Express” (2004) 

“The Polar Express” takes viewers on a journey at the edge of midnight on Christmas Eve, as Hero Boy goes on an adventure to the North Pole to find the meaning of Christmas. He makes some friends on the journey and soon discovers the magic comes “if you just believe.”

The film stars Tom Hanks (Hero Boy, young Hero Boy voiced by Daryl Sabara), Leslie Zemeckis (Sister Sarah), Eddie Deezen (Know-It-All), Nona Gaye (Hero Girl) and so many others. Get into the holiday spirit with this classic tale. 

“Christmas with the Kranks” (2004) 

Everyone’s family gets a bit “kranky” over the holidays, and this “Christmas with the Kranks” is no exception. Luther (Tim Allen), Nora (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Nora’s daughter Blair (Julie Gonzalo) come home for Christmas to the Kranks’ surprise. 

Planning on skipping the holiday cheer, the two have to rangle decorations and a tree before her arrival, while a holiday party is looming over the town’s head. The spirit of Christmas comes to town and Christmas cheer is spread around in bundles of joy and presents in the end. 

“The Santa Clause” film series (1994-2006) 

With three movies within the series, no one can deny that Santa Clause (Tim Allen) creates quite a stir with these films. Following the story of Scott (Allen), “The Santa Clause” movies follow his journey toward becoming Santa Clause after an accident occurs.

After putting on the suit, soon after Scott discovers he can’t stop the change and has to embrace the Christmas spirit and his new role as Santa Clause. A fun classic that will make you believe if you’ve lost some of the magic. 

“A Christmas Story” (1983) 

This classic movie is based on author Jean Shepherd’s writings. Following the story of young Ralph Parker during his youth, this story is one to watch again and again. Ralph (Peter Billingsley) wants one thing for Christmas: a “Red Ryder air rifle.” 

The story follows his time trying to avoid bully Scut Farkus (Zack Ward) and his friends, and trying to convince his parents (Darren McGavin and Melinda Dillon) that he’s responsible enough to handle the rifle. We certainly wouldn’t want you to “shoot your eye out” by watching, but it’s definitely worth a look, it’s a true Christmas binge movie to check out. 

So, I hope you’ll have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Setonians, and with these six magic filled films, snuggle up with a warm blanket, slippers and get watching! 

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