December 2019 Police Blotter

Oct. 28, at 4:51, “a fire alarm activated in Canevin. A aromantic fragrance may of been the cause.” 

Oct. 29, at 11:49, “a fire alarm activated in Brownlee, the cause was unknown.” 

Oct. 31, at 11:30, “a fire alarm activated in St. Joseph’s Hall, the cause was unknown.”

Nov. 1, at 8:48, “water leaking through the ceiling activated a fire alarm in Brownlee basement.” 

Nov. 4, at 4:24, “an illegal candle caused a fire alarm to activate in Havey.” 

Nov. 5, at 12:47, “3 resident students reported an assault by non-students. Investigation continuing, criminal charges are pending.” 

Nov. 5, at 4:44, “a smoke detector activated in Dechantal, the cause was unknown.” 

Nov. 6, at 10:04, “a BB gun was used to cause damage to windows in Sullivan Hall.” 

Nov. 8, 5:27, “a hair dryer activated a fire alarm in Lowe Hall.” 

Nov. 13, at 3:20, “a heat exchange in 3rd floor laundry room activated a fire alarm.” 

Nov. 15, at 6:15, “a Brownlee resident reported items missing from his room. Incident is still open.” 

Nov. 26, at 10:43, “3rd floor sisters of charity residents reported items missing from (2) different rooms.” 

Nov. 28, at 3:18, “a power failure may of activated a fire alarm in Lowe basement.” 

Nov. 28, at 11:43, “a fire alarm activated on 3rd floor Sullivan, cause was unknown.” 

Nov. 29, at 10:20, “the Brownlee 1st floor lounge TV was intentionally damaged. Video footage is being reviewed.” 

Dec. 5, 9:22, “a Dechantal resident reported money missing from his room.”

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