Cocktails on the Go in Greensburg

An example of what to expect from these to-go drinks in Greensburg. Photo by K.Simpson/Setonian.

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has changed our daily routines, including our favorite leisure activities–dining out being no exception. Greensburg is home to many bars and restaurants that were forced to temporarily close or operate at limited capacity for the past several months.  

Because these establishments had to turn to takeout, bars and restaurants are now selling alcohol to-go.  It’s important now more than ever to support small businesses that have been affected by the pandemic.  Below is a list of my top three restaurants in Greensburg that offer takeout cocktails for you to enjoy at home! 

Tapped Brick Oven and Pour House

6044 Lincoln Hwy

Tapped has a large selection of mixed drinks and frozen slushies served in a pouch with a fun straw! Their slushie flavors rotate periodically, some including Strawberry, Root Beer and Watermelon. Some of their popular cocktails include the Orange Crush and the Triple Berry Mojito, surely something for everyone! Tapped Brick Oven’s menu can be found on their website or Facebook page. Call ahead or stop by the bar to order these delicious cocktails!

Sun Dawg Cafe

37 N Main St

Sun Dawg offers a unique variety of mixed drinks; including Mermaid Water, the Dirty Banana and the Quarantine Smash. The Boozy Frappe is a must-try for coffee lovers; made with Kaluha, Baileys, Cold Brew and Caramel. You can find their cocktail menu on Facebook or call ahead to order!

Morelands at Waterworks

1817 S Broad St Ext

Morelands is a hidden gem in Greensburg, serving frozen slushies to go including Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon or Strawberry. This is the perfect place for all fruit lovers,  serving cocktails including Peach Mules, Blueberry Margaritas or Strawberry Long Islands. Moreland’s menu can be found on Facebook. Stop by the bar to take home these sweet beverages!

These are only a few of the many restaurants offering takeout cocktails. Parkwood Inn, Jaffre’s and Dagwood’s Subs-n-Suds offer a variety of to-go cocktails and many local beer distributors are now selling alcohol slushies.

“To-go cocktails may seem like a great convenience option for some, however, there are things that everyone needs to keep in mind. In most to-go cocktails, adult slushies included, you cannot be sure of the amount of alcohol in one of those drinks,” said Autumn Lovas, who is a professional counselor and prevention specialist.

“Things to always keep in mind is that you should know how much and what you are putting into your body, especially when it comes to drugs and alcohol,” Lovas said. “If people choose to drink alcoholic drinks, I encourage them to keep track of what and how much they are drinking, never drink and drive, which makes to-go cocktails an interesting mix.”

All of these establishments require ID and seal the drinks for the drive. And of course, only take advantage of this if you’re 21 or older! Who said a night out can’t be experienced from home? 

Published by: Mikaela Fitzpatrick

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