Digital Branding Tips with Marisa Corona

Promotional Poster from the Digital Branding event with Marisa Corona. Photo from Shine.

UPMC HealthPlan digital content specialist and Seton Hill University alumna, Marisa Corona, class of ‘17, gave some digital branding tips to attendees at the Branding with Marisa Corona event held Oct. 1, in person and on Zoom at Seton Hill University. 

“So, I think the biggest thing I would say is being authentic. I think often people think they need to act or be a certain way when it comes to being professional on social media, and yeah I think there’s standards,” said Corona. “I think if you’re putting your best self out there–how you would want people to see you in real life, the same way if you were showing up to a job interview or you’re presenting yourself in front of your peers, like how do you want to present yourself?” 

There are many different ways to present oneself on and off social media, it all depends on what you want to get out of using the platforms. 

“In a digital world, understanding your digital footprint and how your online profiles present you is important for success.” according to SHU’s SHINE page on the branding event. “Learn how to keep your social media profiles clean and job search ready, and explore LinkedIn.” 

Below you can read some more tips Corona gave in relation to having an online presence: 

Corona suggested having goals in mind for what you want to use social media for, knowing what your goals are for those platforms and making sure whoever comes across those pages sees an accurate representation of who you are professionally and personally. 

That being said, Corona suggested having fun with it, “Social media’s a place to play but it’s also, people get discouraged because it is so public, but I think if you’re constantly putting your best self out there whatever that self is, I think it can only help you with becoming a presence online,” she said. 

Corona suggested keeping profiles where you just want to interact with friends as private. It’s good to know what you’re using the platforms for, whether it be just for fun or for using the platforms to authentically plan your professional future online. 

In relation to advice outside of digital branding, Corona made a point not to undermine school experience as professional experience. It helps getting exposure from different internships, and to keep in mind, “you see that people want five years of professional experience. Well, if you were in a school club and you did marketing for your club and your club is a part of Seton Hill University which is a professional institution, that is professional experience.” 

If someone doesn’t have much of an online presence, and they want to start, Corona suggested starting with what you’re comfortable with, saying LinkedIn is always a good place to start. 

“It’s good to have because that is something everyone goes to when you job interview,” Corona said. “And like I said if you want to dabble and find whatever you’re comfortable with, kind of start one at a time, but I think for a young professional, for a young college student, I think for sure LinkedIn is where to start because you want to put yourself out there in a good way.” 

Corona said near the end, “I absolutely truly believe the future is digital and it’s kind of really fascinating you know this whole Covid period was horrible in many ways but I think the beauty to come out of this situation is it’s proven that the digital mediums and platforms we have access to has actually brought us together in such profound ways. I see a really digital connection and this digital way of thinking is going to be on everyone’s mindsets, moving forward how can we make everything digital friendly?”

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