Christmas Day Cheer

By: Hannah Smrcka

(SETON HILL, Pa.) – When Christmastime rolls around each year, we all scramble to make the holidays perfect in each thing we do as we prepare. As Setonians prepare for the holidays, we value all of our uniqueness in tradition. So we asked some Seton Hill students what their favorite tradition around the holiday is, and what their favorite food to make around the holidays is! 

Max McMicheal said that her favorite tradition is “Christmas.” Her favorite food to make is “sugar cookies.” Katelyn Ross said that her favorite tradition is “sending and receiving holiday cards,” and that her favorite food around the holidays is “stuffing.” Gavin Reed said that his favorite tradition is “the reading of ‘The Night Before Christmas,’” and his favorite holiday food to make is “cookies.” 

With all of the fun traditions and foods that we Setonians enjoy as we come together to celebrate, it’s not surprising that we as a community enjoy our celebrations so dearly! So which traditions and foods are your favorites?!


Photo was taken by Ashley Grasinger of Student Emma Zuder