Q&A with the Dining Hall’s New General Manager

Andrea Byer, the new general manager of the dining hall agreed to answer a few questions via email.

Q: When did you officially become the General Manager of the dining hall? 

A: My official first day was October 12th

Q: How did you find this position? 

A: I was employed with ARAMARK at IUP and this position opened up, my boss actually brought it to my attention. 

Q: What made you want to take on this position? 

A: It was a promotion for me, I was ready for a change, I was at IUP for 22 years and was looking for a new role. 

Q:What exactly are your duties as the General Manager?

A: I oversee all managers and employees at all Seton Hill locations. I ensure we are serving the best quality and safe menu items for all clients, customers, and employees. 

Q: Recently there was a trail mix table in the dining hall, can SHU students expect more events like this in the future? 

A: The trail mix bar was a pop-up event, we love to surprise students with pop up’s like this, stay tuned for more! Did you see the apple nacho pop up that we offered last week? 

Q: What changes can we expect to see in general? 

A: Some fun, new menu additions! More proteins, a waffle station that will be available all day, every day. A new chef with some new action stations, especially at dinner! 

Q: What are some things that you believe students really enjoy and plan on doing again in the future?

A: I think the students enjoy the pop ups that we do, it’s always a nice surprise when they walk in and see a nice display of food that they get to create! I also think that students enjoy seeing us run the new and current trends that are trending on social media.

Q: For students who are critical of the food on campus, what would you say to them? 

A: Come see me, talk to me, tell me what you want us to offer, if I can do it, I will! Remember, there are so many stations to choose from, there is always something you must enjoy here! 

Q: In the past, there have been events where dining hall staff met with students to take in suggestions, compliments, and criticism. Is there a way for students to come to you with things like this now? 

A: We have VOC cards by the register, please fill out a survey, send me your comments, I get every answer sent to me in an e-mail. Stop into my office, I am either in my office or on the floor, talk to me! 

Q: In the past, there were issues with food supply, is this still an issue? If so, how are you dealing with it? 

Yes, it is still a national issue, not sure when it won’t be. Our vendor has many items in their warehouse, and they do their best when it comes to substitutions. We also have another vendor we can buy from if needed. We haven’t really run into too many issues this semester. 

Q: In the past, there were issues with finding staff for the dining hall, is this still an issue? If so, how are you dealing with it? 

A: We actually have a few interviews setup for more FTE’s to join our team, let’s hope they all work out and we are back to where our staffing level should be soon! 

Q: Are there any final thoughts and comments that you feel are important for Setonians to know about?

A: I am excited to be here, excited to hear your comments and work together to make dining fun and enjoyable again!


This interview was conducted by Ashley Grasinger


The photo was taken by Ashley Grasinger of students Cailyn Keiser, Alex Misner, and Faith McDowell eating in the dining hall.