Brownlee Break-ins or Shenanigans?

By: Emma Zuder

(GREENSBURG, Pa.) –  In an email to Brownlee residents, Residential staff cleared up a circulated email that reported a security concern on Jan. 22 regarding unauthorized visitors in the Brownlee dormitory building. 

Residential staff wrote “after conferring with campus police and other campus resources, we want to clarify that we are not aware of any unauthorized visitors in Brownlee Hall [on Jan. 22].”

Campus police, however, do have an increased concern with the Brownlee Hall doors being propped open. 

Officer Barbara Howard said “We keep finding that [Brownlee] back door open, like everyday.” Howard also reported that the door to the Archives also is frequently propped open. 

 While Campus Police find doors to Sisters of Charity Hall and Dechantal Hall “open on occasion,” Howard reported that “Brownlee has been the worst.”

The Brownlee propped doors has been an issue “mostly this year.”

Additionally, Howard reported that “a lot of students don’t lock their doors,” and “anyone who has their room unlocked is subject to someone walking in there.”

Howard said “We’re charged with keeping you safe, but if you don’t keep yourself safe…we can’t be in the buildings all the time.” 

Howard added that the police staff and the RA’s do “check the buildings very often.”

Additionally, while students “very rarely,” use the help and safety  poles placed throughout campus, “we [Campus police and maintenance] do check them every month and make sure they’re working. We keep very good maintenance on them to make sure they’re working for everybody,” said Howard.

Howard encouraged students to attend their RA meetings, which “relay important information,” call Campus Police for concerns, and keep doors shut and locked. 

 As stated on, “Campus Police office hours are Monday – Friday 9 AM – 4 PM. Campus police are on duty at all times.”