Seton Hill Celebrates 2nd Annual Rainbow Bingo

Photo taken by Becca Havko of student performer “Oddriana”

Written By: Becca Havko

Back for another colorful evening, Seton Hill’s Pride Coalition, in collaboration with Project HOPE and Seton Hill Alternative Resource Council, hosted its second annual Rainbow Bingo, featuring eight rounds of bingo for prizes, with student performers taking the stage in between rounds.

Zetta Williams took home the grand prize of RuPaul’s Drag Race tickets after a round of full-card bingo, commenting, “Honestly, the first thing I thought, I’ve never won a bingo game in my life. My grandma. I’m going to text her, and she’s going to be so proud of me.” 

Other than Williams’ tickets, prizes included gift cards and themed baskets. Students could wear a piece of pride clothing to receive a free bingo card or purchase extra at 50¢ a card, with proceeds going back to the Pride Coalition. 

The event raised over $150, which the Coalition will be using for future events, like the Fashion Show in the spring semester and the Lavender Graduation, “a ceremony for all LGBTQIA+ students and allies to be recognized and appreciated. This happens at the end of each semester, so we are currently looking for December graduates of 2023 so that we can invite them to a dinner and celebrate their hard work!” commented Pride Coalition president, Jacob Carnahan-Curcio. 

On top of the rounds of bingo, the Pride Coalition also hosted five student performers by the stage names of Wisp, Oddriana, Ambrose McAndrew, Huaa, and Ramsay Rocket. In costume, the students performed dances and lip-syncs for their peers. 

“We had multiple students who were performers outside of school, or students that were interested but had nowhere to start. We wanted to give these student performers a safe space to try out something new and be themselves,” Carnahan-Curcio commented. 

Ultimately, this event aimed at encouraging inclusivity and acceptance. “I want to make folks feel at home here on the hill by giving them these opportunities to express themselves that they may not be able to anywhere else. I love my Seton Hill community and I want to share amazing experiences with those both in the LGBTQIA+ community, and those who are safe people outside of the community to confide in,” Carnahan-Curcio stated. 

Williams echoed his thoughts: “Every day, I hear about things happening at this school, which discourages me. But to have this community and to come here tonight, even without winning, makes me so happy.”

Correction: Upon further inspection, it has come to the Setonian’s attention that the Rainbow Bingo prize recipient was awarded a Ticketmaster gift card to purchase any tickets of their choosing, rather than physical tickets to Rupal’s Drag Race. It has also come to our attention that there might’ve been some disparities on which organizations helped to create this event. The Seton Hill Pride Coalition, Project Hope, and the Seton Hill Alternative Resource Council equally contributed in the making of this event. We apologize for any confusion these errors may have caused, and appreciate the opportunity to clarify these details accurately.