Embark on a Sweet Adventure: Cookie Run: Kingdom Review

Written by: Emma Michaud

Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the cutest action role-playing gacha games on mobile! The game is based on the lives of cookies, who are well-designed to their names, as they build their kingdom and band together to stop Dark Enchantress Cookie from taking over the cookie world. It starts with our hero Gingerbrave meeting his best Cookie friends, Strawberry Cookie and Wizard Cookie, in an evil witch’s kitchen. Ginerbrave comes alive after being baked with the magic cookie essence and realizes this witch is planning to eat him and his fellow cookies alive. So mustering up the braveness that is stated in his name, he escapes the witch’s castle with his friends and runs for his cookie life!

After safely getting away from the witch, they decide to build a home for themselves and other cookies. This will be their own kingdom where cookies can do as they please and live in peace and prosperity. More friends come into the kingdom, some cookies… some not. All the while Gingerbrave and friends decide to travel to their land to find the legendary Ancient cookies to make sure Dark Enchantress Cookie does not start another war, which would ruin not their peaceful little kingdom that everyone worked and still is working so hard to create.

In the game, there are many features that you can partake in. As mentioned before, you can help the cookies build the kingdom and level it up: unlocking key building and decorating items to see your kingdom flourish. There are multiple solo and multiplayer features you can play. The solo features are world exploration, where you build a team of cookies to travel the land fighting back the darkness. In the Cookie Alliance, you form 5 teams out of all your cookies and try to complete the trials. Other little solo features include, completing bounties, special cookie episodes, trial grounds, and tropical soda islands. All of these allow you to get items you need to help your kingdom and your cookies grow stronger. For the multiplayer features there are the Kingdom Arena and Guild Battle. The Kingdom Arena lets you fight against other kingdoms with your cookies, seeing who is the strongest kingdom out of everyone. There is a ranking system and plenty of rewards to go around. In the Guild Battle, you have to join a guild before you can do this multiplayer event, you work with your guild members to defeat 3 powerful monsters. There is also a ranking system and plenty of rewards that are given out.

Monthly events happen usually in the game as well– supplying gamers with all new types of cookie story fun! I love this game so much– I’ve been playing it for around a year now. There are so many things to do in this game that you can never seem to put it down. And the art design, in my opinion, just fuels that addictiveness even more. I highly recommend this mobile game, created by Devsisters in 2021, especially because it’s on your phone so you can play this game anywhere at any time (as long as you have wi-fi or good cellular data). I hope you give this game a try and have as much fun playing it as I have!